Monday, October 17, 2005

Nobody home but us chickens...

Austrolorps, Black-laced Wyandottes, and Golden Comets... Aren't those cool names? I also have Aracanas and Buff Orpingtons. Now you know, the reason I have them is because the names are so much fun to say. Go ahead, "Buff Orpington, Austrolorp." Now wasn't that fun? Chickens are neat critters and the eggs can't be beat. I was getting 200 eggs a week, but it has slowed down considerably. What did I do with all those eggs? Well, I gave away about 8 dozen a week to friends and relatives. And my DH bought me a pasta maker- the most incredible gadget ever invented. Home-made pasta is fast, fun, and I feel immensely clever when I cook up a batch. I highly recommend you get one if you have a chance. We got mine on ebay. They actually work just like those TV chefs say they will. Shocking, I know.

I have spent the better part of the evening at Bonnie's amazing quiltville. She has some of the greatest ideas and patterns there. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Maybe the stars. Or the scrappy Bargello. I tried to do some quilting, myself, today, but my allergies got the better of me and I had to call it quits. Continuous sneezing can be quite prohibiting. I think it is a physical impossibility to sneeze with your eyes open. I can't do it. Try quilting with your eyes involuntarily closing every 3 seconds. It's like quilting with a strobe light on. Kinda scary. "Tis the season, I suppose, for strobe lights and scary. I have found that I sneeze in sets of 7. I have always been an overachiever. The thing is this... I am very pleased to let clients know that I work in a smoke-free, pet-free, food-free shop. Alas, all quilts don't have that advantage. I love cats, but I am so allergic that it is difficult not to flinch when I see cat hairs clinging to a quilt. And you know, I've always had the tendency to lean into my work. Can't tell you how many times I have caught my hair in the sewing machine. My mom always pokes me in the back when she catches me slouching- but it is just to get closer to the work. Nothing wrong with my eyes, I just get intensely focused. So here I am, nose about a foot from the quilt from kitty heaven. Hopping foot hoppin'. Stirring up cat dander. I can go about one pass. By then, I am blinded by tears, and my nose is threatening to drip on the quilt. It makes for slow going. I tried some Claritin. Note to self: it doesn't seem to work if you are already symptomatic. So what, exactly, is the point? Back to the Benadryl. But you are not supposed to operate heavy equipment when taking it. Does a long-arm qualify? I have put the needle straight through my finger before, but I haven't the excuse that I was on any medication. Just happened. But you know? Didn't hurt a lick. I must have flinched, 'cause I broke the needle, but I didn't consciously feel a thing. Ached a little afterwards. Now that the Benadryl is taking affect, my eyelids feel as if they weigh about 5 lbs- each. And my head feels like a tightly inflated balloon. No doubt, when I check my blog tomorrow, I'll be wondering exactly who has been posting such pathetic drivel. Drivel. An appropriate word. Who cares about chickens, eggs, noodles, and sneezing in sets of seven? But such are the things of life. my life. and that's ok.


Dawn said...

Oh Nina! I love the pictures of your chickens! I wish i had some! Especially those funky ones like you have! I just love, love, love them!

I've made several chicken quilts just because I love them! Maybe I'll dig up some pics of them for today's post!

Finn said...

Hey Nines, we can be "sneezin' sisters in stitching". I love your chicken wonderful..but soooooooo many eggs!
You can cry on my shoulder anytime about the cat hair..I truly love cats ( i.e. my ancient post about Charlie, my Holstein cat)but I am MASSIVELY allergic to cats...oh woe is me. Right now in my solo life, a cat would be a wonderful companion. Quiet and easy to leave at home for a day or two while I travel, BUT...just not worth it. My son and son in law are also both massive I sigh and pass on the idea of a kitty.

I NEVER would have thought about the impact on you gals who machine quilt for others. Most quilters seem to adore it's almost a given cat hair would come with the tops to be quilted. I'm soooo sorry about that. I suppose to specialize in just quilt tops from non-cat households would limit your busines too much? I've had pretty good luck with Zyrtek(for my allergies but it is a prescription drug. It's not perfect, but helps quite alot.
Don't regret your never know who it will help..*VBS* Hugs, Finn
P.S. Isn't Bonnie's site the best??? I think so too!! I read everything!!

Tonya R said...

I'm allergic to almost everything it seems. Yes, and I'm dumb enough to have four cats (but I didn't use to be allergic to cats so maybe I'm still not, it's just everything else. really). I take Claritin year round as well as Fluonase.
Get your clients to warn you before hand so you can start with all the drugs in time to keep the symptoms down. Stupid allergies.