Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Chahmed, Ahm Shuh."

This is a picture of my "Charmed, I'm sure," quilt. My Honey was working late, last night, and I was trying to find something quiet and constructive to do at 2:30am. So I filed away some old pictures that I had found on cd's. This quilt is a snow ball pattern, but with alternate-color corner triangles. I think it gives it a little more interest. The fabrics are all vintage and 80% of them were in a friend's grandmother's stash. Just bits and pieces. So I added some of my own and came up with this quilt. There were a few lone blocks in the bag of scraps, so I just sewed them into the backing, before I quilted it. She was very pleased with her gift "from Grandma."

I just absolutely love and adore old vintage fabrics. The colors are so happy and the patterns are often witty and wild. I get all sentimental and mushy just looking at them. Sarah gave me a big pile of old stuff that her Grandma had aquired over the years at auctions and estate sales. She had worked with some of them- with wonderful results, but then she declared that, "Life is too short to make ugly quilts!" And I see her point. With all the quilts that we want to make in our lifetime, it might leave us in a pinch to just work with all the hand-me-down fabrics that come our way. And it can be les than inspiring to work with fabric that isn't to your taste. But on the other hand... You knew that was coming, didn't you? There is something very liberating about cutting into fabric that didn't cost you $9 a yard. Ahh... no pressure. If you mess up, no screams reverberating through the sewing room. Just an, "Oh well," shrug the shoulders and move on. And it is a challenge I enjoy to make something, if not beautiful, at least appealing from aqua and orange Taj Mahal fabric. (I'll show that one, sometime.) And if I don't like the end results, that's ok, too. Since the fabric is obviously old, folks automatically assume some poor, distant relative made the quilt 50 years ago- how could they be critical of that really, really ugly mottled puke green and burgundy fabric that they made it from? It was probably the best they could do...(I'll show that one sometime, too.) So, again, I'm off the hook.


Darcie said...

Lovely! Gosh...I'd love to see that one up close and personal!

Just think of the story that some of those fabrics could tell....


PS. Love your chickens down below! Do you get colored eggs?

Sarah said...

Did you make this out of Kelly's grandma's fabrics? I don't remember ever seeing this one before!

How did the quilt work out that was so saggy on the machine?

Miss you! Thanks for the package!


Dawn said...

Nina, I love it! Especially the fabric you used for the borders and alternate corners of the blocks. What a great idea to alternate the snowballs like that!

Did you quilt it! It looks wonderful!

Nines said...

Yes, I get colored eggs. I love the blue and green ones. One of the fabrics on the vintage quilt my friend's father remembers as sheets on his baby bed. Isn't that sweet?

Nines said...

Sarah- Yes, it is Kelli's grandma's fabric. I made it for her for Xmas, last year. WHILE YOU WERE GONE! NO, I'm not bitter!*G* The saggy quilt was Lucy's and it turned out- puckered, but I don't think I could have done any better. The back is nice. Kim is binding it for her. Miss you, too, and you're welcome for the fabric. I loved the blue and yellow print. Take care.

Nines said...

Dawn- yes, I quilted it. I wanted something pretty dense as that gives it a nice puckered look- like an old quilt. And cotton batting. Thank you so much for the compliment!

Finn said...

Hey the quilt, front and back ! Great way to go with small pieces and orphan blocks.

I have a true love affair going with the fabrics from the 20's, 30's and 40's. At my age, I'm lucky enough to have had a ton of printed feedsacks, and yardages given to me over the years. Even one with chickens..*G*
If you find you desire any more "pieces", please drop me a line with the "e" addy over at my "see complete profile", I'd love to share some with you..and then you can share with Sarah or whomever you want to.
Was out in the garage "looking" yesterday, and I have a Rubbermaid rough tote, plus 2 boxes and 1 bag of vintage stuff...more than I can ever use.

Sewcatherine said...

I love how this quilt turned amazing how such a 'simple' block can result in such a beautiful top. Great job :)

Lynn Dykstra said...

I have a student trying to use fabric her late mother left behind. It is often hideous, but ends up making the most charming quilts. This is 1960's fabrics.
I will show her your snowball--beautiful.

Tonya R said...

Love the quilt, love the colors and how you put it all together, love the back. Excellent all the way around. Ditto Darcie's comment re seeing it close up. Hint hint.