Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm gone for one week....
My DH rents the movie War of the Worlds, and I am coerced into watching it... How does he do that? Did you hear about the time he took me to see Arachnaphobia, for my birthday? I can't breath at the sight of a spider... So tonight's feature film was... disturbing. I won't give it away for those who haven't seen it yet, but it brought back memories of creepycrawlies. So, afterwards, I think that I will sit myself down in front of the computer and catch up with my friends at Quilt Mavericks. Won't that be a nice way to unwind? Ah, now that's like coming home. But wait. Seems there is a murmur of contention among the ranks... Now I can't sleep, 'cause it bothers me when folks can't seem to get along. And I don't even have a clue as to what the story is. But WAIT! As I so often tell the kids, "I don't want to know. Sit down on the couch and work it out like normal human beings." I find this method usually works quite nicely without overly exhausting me or frustrating the daylights out of me over the sheer idiocy of arguing over... something stupid. It was a full moon, last week. That can affect people in weird ways. Makes 'em act...different. (A word of unsolicited advice to those who might be acting out of character. Most people can act polite- like nothing ever happened. In a relatively short amount of time, it will be like it never happened. But my DH is a wise man, and you know what he used to say when we had a disagreement that got ugly?- and yes, it happens, "What can we do to prevent this from happening, again?" 'Cause if you act like it never happened, you'll forget it ever happened, and then, yes, it'll happen again. Yuck. let's not. I don't think I've ever been described as "polite." I tend to be one of those people who are constantly slapping their hands over their mouths with a "did I say that outloud?" look on my face. Now I wonder if anyone ever thinks, "Wow! am I rude or what?" I do know how to keep my mouth shut. Man, it sure is hard sometimes. But, I hate to hear people putting labels on anybody that they don't choose for themselves. Doesn't that seem rude? If I want to be called a quilter, then fine. An artist, then fine. Newsflash. Anybody who creates anything is an artist. A grilled cheese sandwich is a work of art in my book. Yes, if you use some of that fancy sourdough bread and colby cheese, that would be a "prime" grilled cheese sandwich, but when you get down to it, it's still just a cheese sandwich. So let's all be generous and kind, keeping an open mind that maybe we haven't all evolved as far as we might and that maybe, in time, we'll be farther on that side than this. you never know.)


Darcie said...


You are so brave. My hat off to you for speaking out. I'm more of the "don't talk and it won't happen".... Except with my kids...so I really don't practice what I preach when it comes to my own feelings and issues.

Was that confusing? What I mean is: I preach to my kids to talk and work things out and "what do you think you could do differently" sort of thing...but me? I just keep my mouth shut.

Better? Maybe my coffee's not working right! ;-)

I always have to laugh at your posts. It's just like you're right here talking...they're so personal.



The Calico Cat said...

I agree, but then again I am right next to you with my hand over my mouth.....

Finn said...

Grilled cheese sandwiches??? There are sandwiches?...oh goodie, count me in !! It's almost 1 o'clock here, and I can really go for a sandwich..*VBG*

War of the Worlds huh?? Not sure if I am brave enough for that one? Just the previews gave me the heebie jeebies!
Note aside..the news is still good from your Dad???I hope so.

Sharon said...

thanks for the comments - I had to smile as I read them. Diversity is grand, ain't it?

And War of the Worlds? Blecchhh! Seems they could only film Tom Cruise's bewilderment about three ways - and then repeated it for 100 times. I have to say, though, that this new creation wasn't nearly as scary as the original movie!

And I love prime grilled cheese sandwiches! Um yum!