Thursday, November 24, 2005

Intergalactic laws concerning...
Pie making. I'm sure there is one 'cause making only one pumpkin pie just doesn't seem right, somehow. It doesn't matter how many other pies I need to make. Or how many desserts can be eaten without making the family ill. Yep, it's always two pumpkin pies. Well, DS #3 says he'll eat one for me. But DS #2 adores anything apple, so we had to make an apple pie for him. That was easy, as we had already canned about 40 quarts of apples this summer. Oh, and it's square 'cause who would ever need more than three pie pans? I used to use a quich dish for the apple pie as that seems to be the favorite among the kids. But I broke it. There was still some pie crust dough left in the bowl...and I hate to waste all that work... OK, a chocolate-pecan pie. That's all. Then DH asks if I'll make a chocolate cake for him. I had planned to make fudge... "Chocolate cake or fudge?" "Yes" stupid question. How could I refuse when he is working in my laundry room putting in shelves when I know he'd rather be out tromping through the woods... read that, sitting silent as the grave in the woods, hunting. And he doesn't ask for much, just chocolate cake and fudge. Blech. Notice how big the cake is with the buttercream frosting? That's how DH likes it- a proper cake/frosting ratio of 2-1. But then DS #4 doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, and would it really be a holiday without his favorite Chex mix? Better triple the batch, 'cause there are 11 people to consider. See, Sarah? Just a quiet day home with the family. Then there is the home-made cranberry sauce, the dressing, fried corn from Grandfather's stash, and we have to have yeast rolls and grean beans-I'm sure I am the only living American who doesn't like that green bean casserole. I'll have mine plain, thank you. Then there has to be mashed potatoes and gravy- don't you think that gravy deserves it's own food group classification? The little girls in my family like steamed peas and carrots, and I am baking a couple sweet potatoes- just plain. That's my attempt to keep things simple, this year. Hilarious, I know. Have I mentioned how much I like to cook? I don't think Thanksgiving should center around food, but I do want all of the kids to know that I want to make the day special for each of them. DS #2 says he doesn't remember ever seeing "so much foily goodness."

I talked to Sarah, a couple days ago- while she is in Arkansas, with the in-laws. (Speaking of in-laws, I would absolutely love a little insight into maintaining good relationships with in-laws. Or establishing good relationships with in-laws. I figure Sarah would find the study interesting, herself. I am wondering why it has to be so complicated. How to simplify... I'd really like to hear from those of you who just love their daughters-in-law. "tis the season for making peace and getting along with family. Appreciating differences. And having six sons, myself, well, I'd like to get set straight before it all comes back around to bite life difficult.) Sarah is going to be traveling all over the South this week and she is planning on hitting a few quilt shops along the way. I finished her Xmas present. I am so excited and want to share pictures, but I know she'll be snooping. I also made a small (50x65") quilt for another friend. (I think I am settling back into home.) I want to quilt it, first, before I post a picture. I am hoping to get it all finished up before the weekend, so I can mail it to her for her to enjoy it for the season. It started as a panel, and I have decided that I despise them. I cut it all apart and used houses as my alternate blocks- wonkied them per Bonnie. It is also flannel and harder to get the points to come out like I'd like. Well, time to peel those 10 pounds of potatoes and get the rolls started... Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Sharon said...

Well, you've certainly hit them all - and I love everyone one of them. Your hubby and I must have the same "cake tooth". Happy Thanksgiving!

The only words I have about DILs? I had to go through 3 MILs to finally find one that worked! She accepted me as my hubby's special person - never made demands on me that she wouldn't on her own daughter, and loved me unconditionally.

I tried that with an ex-DILFH. Didn't work. She was greedy, rude, and uncaring. I guess that's why she is an ex....??

Joanne said...

Glad your father is on the mend.
In-laws: Just treat everyone like your own family (and as a mother-in-law -- keep your mouth shut! LOL).
I'd like some of that fudge and the chocolate pecan pie, if you please.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonnie said...

I don't have any experience with DIL's yet, and am in no hurry! But I think if you keep cooking like you do and make THEIR favorites.....well...we'll all need weight watchers, but they'll sure feel loved!

All that for 11 people?? And I don't do the green bean casserole thing either..bleech. Just like mine plain with a bit of butter :c)


Finn said...

I am totally amazed at the amount of cooking you are doing for today.. well, almost stunned actually ! Six sons?? You deserve a purple heart for that one! Above and beyond the call of duty. I'm sure you'll be just fine with DIL's...just don't do any of the things you hated having YOUR MIL do to for me with 3 DIL's and 2 daughers.
And another vote for NO green bean casserole ! Plain, with abit of butter and salt.
Hope your turkey day was a happy one!

The Calico Cat said...

Green beans - mine were plain too! (But the special french ones that were frozen at my favorite grocery store - Trader Joes)

Pecan pie - mine did not set up - any advice?

IL's I am about to get one..... I'm open to the advice too.

Darcie said...

My goodness Nines! I'm nearly speechless.... WOW! Speechless, yeah....

You are awesome, girlfriend! Just think of all of the memories that your kids will be sharing with *their* kids about their Grandmom...a hundred years from now.

In-laws? I've been thinking alot about those. Dearest Son has a girlfriend...and I just want her to feel more comfortable around me than I felt around my (then future) MIL when I was that age. And the sisters (then future SILs)...oh heavens! A whole 'nother story!

I'm not rushing wedding bells or anything...but I just want things to be different. I won't go into that whole IL thing...but I know just where you're coming from I think, Nines. The thing to remember is: You're already in the right direction, 'cuz you're concerned and aware!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Got anymore of that Pecan? I'll be there in about 12 hours! ;-)


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Well, I wasn't homesick for USA Thanksgiving until I read your post! NOT really celebrating in Austria. Your menu sounds delish!

A saying about sons and daughters... A son's a son until he takes a wife, a daughter's a daughter all her life. It MUST have something to do with those in-laws. So, you are not alone. BUT, I try to be a good daughter-in-law - which is WHY we live in Austria 1/2 the year - to be near DH's family.


Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, your post about all the desserts is making me drool here at work. It all sounds so good! Well except the pumpkin pie, that is the one I can pass on!