Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm in Batik Heaven...
Can you see me dancing a jig? Actually, it's more like that little boogie dance you see football players doing in the endzone. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, Nina's a happy, happy camper. I have been eyeing this panel for some time- let's not bring ugly words into it like "covet" and "lust." I've been eyeing. That is all to which I'm confessin'. This is a hand-painted batik. Ain't it just lovely, lovely? Cost the earth, but so worth it. The top pic is of the front, but I had to show the back, 'cause that is gorgeous, too. It is about 45" long and 18" wide, and you know I'm gonna piece around it. With more batiks. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Of course, those of you in warmer climes may not appreciate how wonderful a warm afternoon in Polynesia sounds. I'm sitting in my chair with two quilts over my lap, looking at my fake fire, dreaming of being warm. I can just about get there, looking at my newest acquisition. Can I say what a shameless hu...human-being I am? It's true. I feel not the least bit of guilt over my stash. A niggle? Nope, nada. I have loved textiles all my life. I can't figure out why I should feel bad about that. Of course, it helps when you are, let's say, fiscally-challenged. Getting too much stuff is not so much a problem. On the other side, you can become a charity case and recieve everybody else's guilt-ridden stuff. And that's all good, because I don't feel compelled to keep it just 'cause dear old great aunt Ethel didn't have the time, inclination or good taste to deal with it. I pick the very best and send the rest to a better home than mine. Hey, it's like that French woman diet. Ever hear about that one? French women aren't fat because they know how to pick only the very best for themselves. They don't pig out on mediocrity, they dine fine on gourmet cuisine. Yep, that's what I'm doing with my newest batik. Yum-yum.


Tropical Screamer said...

Hey, I live on Maui and I can't get enough of batiks. And the one you have is a beauty. I'd rather have a few good pieces of material than a ton of sale stuff. All of my stash fits in one laundry basket. (OK, except for the two Warm and Natural king battings I received today.)

I can hardly wait to see what you're going to do with your panel. It's beautiful.


Nines said...

Darilyn- Thank you! It is beautiful, isn't it? Can you tell I'm in love? I just love batiks.

Tonya R said...

Good for you for not feeling guilting over having the stash - I love mine too (tho I did clear out a bunch of stuff I no longer liked before I moved house). Some people collect stamps or coins - we collect fabric. Don't have to use it, just have to love it.

Sarah said...

Nines -

I think I like the back better than the front! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it.

Miss you!


Finn said...

What fun..! Can't wait to see what it comes...or is it already? I'll be watching to see..*G*

Darcie said...

Your Batik is delightful, Nines!!!

You know...if you would have been giving us a story about feeling so badly for having sucha gorgeous piece...well...we woulda been very disappointed in our Nines...just put it that way! ;-)

Enjoy your fiber sensation!