Friday, January 13, 2006

Another Monochromatic Quilt...

This is another quilt I made for DH. I got the pattern from 101 Rotary-Cut Quilts. Puss in a Corner. I apoligize about the poor quality of the picture, but we have had few sunny days, this winter, so all the pictures tend to be dark- unless I brighten them on the photo software. Then they just look ...flat.

The problem with this quilt? Well, the background fabric is really too busy, but but but... I did get it on clearance, so...(I feel like Phil on Groundhog Day. "So , Mr Connors, have you ever played the piano?" "No, but my dad was a piano mover, so..." ) Any rate, like I always say, an ugly quilt will keep you as warm as a pretty quilt- just turn off the light and see. I had the 2 oldest, and therefore tallest, boys stand in the back of their dad's pickup truck to get a picture of this one. It is also a king-sized quilt. I am done with those. They just seem to go on and on and on...The backing is flannel- in yet another busy, brown print. I must have been needing some mental stimulation while working on this one.

Pouring the rain out, today. The winds are so loud it sounds like we are neighbors to Niagra Falls. A good day for making some cookies and maybe getting a quilt loaded onto the quilting machine. It has been a couple of weeks since I've quilted and I have several stacked up and ready to go. I've had to postpone a trip to my parents' because of health problems- others', not mine, and so I find I have this empty window of time where nothing was planned. Hmm... not a bad trade off, really. I have been playing with the hand-peicing of my Grandmother's Flower Garden- figure if I aim for a baby-sized one I might get it done for the first grandchild. I have about 10 years, I figure. Rather slow going, there, but I am at a place where slow is good. I have three blocks, done, and four more cut out. The cutting out takes a good bit of time, but I just sit and work on it as we are watching a movie. I have been concentrating on slowing down my normally hurried pace. Just trying to enjoy each thing I am doing instead of rushing onto the next. It's not so easy, but I am enjoying myself, immensely.


Sarah said...

Thanks for your help this morning! Now that you mentioned rain it is downpoaring here too! Wish we were having a sewing day together! I LOVE these last two quilts you have shown. Do you still have the directions for those chinese lanterns? I think I'd like to do one in blues! Do I have any blues I could use?

Miss you!

Love, Sarah

Tropical Screamer said...

Thanks for sharing the sound of the wind and the rain.

I can share back sunshine and birds singing. They are in full voice today.

I hope you enjoy a warm, snuggly day. I'll be sandwiching and quilting today. It's like we're all part of a huge quilting bee that's just a little spread out. LOL.


Nines said...

No Sarah, I don't still have the pattern- I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it, myself. Wonder where we could find it... The original was in one of Lucy H. magazines and she wanted it back, so... Blue would be good.

Darilyn- Thanks for the song birds! It IS like a quilting bee!

Tonya R said...

"Groundhog Day" - one of my favorite movies ever - should have known you'd love that one too. Gotta love the time loops.
I really like how this quilt looks - background doesn't seem too busy to me. I'm impressed at all the large-sized quilts you HAVE made can understand being tired of king-size tho. Queen was bad enough.

Lucy said...

Ohh what a lovely quilt !! This is a great pattern . I love it so much I have a UFO like this ( only with bigger blocks ) I will post it