Saturday, January 14, 2006

Questions in Quadruple...
  • 4 Jobs I've had....Lawyer's aid, Cookbook reader on tape for Books for the Blind, Respiratory Therapist, Longarm quilter
  • 4 Movies I could watch over and over.... Open Range, Much Ado About Nothing, Return to Me, Knight's Tale
  • 4 Places you've lived....Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, Tennessee
  • 4 TV shows you love to watch... don't you just hate those loud obnoxious commercials?
  • 4 Places you have been on vacation.... Niagra Falls, New Hampshire, Georgia, and my favorite, West Virginia
  • 4 Websites I visit everyday.... Sarah, Darcie, Lucy, and Darilyn
  • 4 Favorite foods... Seafood, chinese, chocolate, tea
  • 4 Places I'd rather be.... Snowed in with kids and sweetheart
  • 4 Albums you can't live without... My new Little Big Town cd, Sarah Brightman's Time To Say Goodbye, my Randy Travis collection- love his deep voice, Andrea Bocelli's Romance cd
  • 4 people I'd like to pass this on to... Sarah, Darcie, Bonnie, Tonya R.


Sarah said...

Hey - I already answered this!


Tonya R said...

Nina, don't hate me - but I hate these things. I'm not good at "mandatory" fun. You used to read cook books professionally - that's pretty unusual. That'd make me hungry all the time.

Darcie said...

Ooof. These are such mind work...I don't do well with mind work, you know that, don't you?

I love reading other's memes though...hmmm...I'll have to think about it. ;-P