Thursday, February 09, 2006

But Tonya, you have been here!

Who else could have made such a mess of my sewing table? Moi? Say it ain't so! I have never seen so much as a thread out of place when visiting your blog or tutorial lessons, so I guess the blame must fall on me. I always make a mess when I'm creating- you should see how I can single-handedly destroy a kitchen! But the good news is, I finished my letters!! Feelin' pretty tickled. Of course, now I need to set them. I'm thinking that is going to take me even longer- I'm burning up brain cells at an astonishing rate. Some day they'll find me a babbling, drooling mess rocking in the sewing room... what am I saying? I am already there! What a way to go! Having a blast, playin' around in the sewing room. I made my letters quite a bit bigger than yours- I'm not sure why, it just happened that way. Don't you just love it when quilts have a will of their own? They are about -brace yourself- 11" No kidding- the lower case letters are maybe 7" or 8." Yeah, I made them lower case. Can't wait to show you, but I need to get it all together. (Hey, the day I "get it all together" will be the day... well, I just can't even imagine that possibility!) Just doesn't seem right to show them off in their birthday suits for all the world to see. Need a couple more yards of Kona black to dress them in. I smell fresh baked bread- don't worry, I've already cleaned up my mess in the kitchen, so I'm off for a cuppa and a warm roll dripping in butter!!


teelduo said...
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teelduo said...

Ok, so I signed in posted one blog and now I can comment.

I love you and miss you all. Ben wanted to send Evabeth a note yesterday at his storytime at the library and I was bad and didn't know your mail by heart. I will have to get a card and let him draw her a picture. He thinks of her often.


yes I posted, messed it up and couldn't edit so I deleted. DUH

Peni said...

You're a wonder, child!

I made cinnamon buns with your no recipe recipe this morning. YUM. Six (half the pan) are on their way to Marie and Virgil as we speak. Too late for breakfast, but not to late for lunch dessert. Thanks for the idea!

Now back to the sewing board. XO

Sarah said...

I didn't realize the whole family was going to be here, posting comments to you! You are ever so popular! Can you email som of that warm bread please?

Has your domestic tranquility been shattered yet?


quiltpixie said...

Tonya really is a bad influence on the idea of neat and tidy isn't she! :-)

cindyquilts said...

You mean: not everyone's sewing area looks like this?


Tonya R said...

If I'd been there it would have looked even worse. Trust me, I'm a disaster area. I just don't post pics of that... ba ha ha ha.
Wheeee you made monster-sized letters - can't wait to see them. Now if everyone would just stop talking about cinnamon buns, they're making me hungry.

Tropical Screamer said...

I make "nests" wherever I work. I have a nest on my livingroom loveseat. (Dear Husband has his own couch.)

I had a nest around my computer, but I cleaned it up yesterday while my network was down.

I'm glad to see someone else nests. ;)


Lucy said...

Your mess is the same mess when I am quilting :c)

Isobel said...

I definitely think you must be related to me. My carving studio looks much the same--just different things to make the mess. If I have a path to the chair where I sit to carve, it is a great day. Love you!