Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ahhhh... now doesn't that feel good!?

A new picture, a new post. Sarah said she was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen again. She even called to make sure I was still alive and kickin'. Well, I'm alive. Kickin'? Maybe kickin' and screamin'. Have you read her blog about the 6 weird things about Sarah? I'm laughing my head off about her staying awake at night trying to figure them out!! And her weird things were so... honestly, weren't they normal? Just goes to show that opposites attract- 'cause we're very good friends and I'm pretty sure I could come up with more than 6 things that are weird about me right off the top of my head! And they don't keep me up at nights, either! I bet Sarah could name more than a dozen. Not that we'd want her to share with the whole world everything she knows.

We did make a trip to the ER, this week. But it wasn't me, it was DD Eva. She's fine, but things got a little dicey with her meds. Tummy 'flu just isn't conducive to keeping things in your system. All's well that end's well. It was too much to hope for that I would escape unscathed. And if we're honest here, living in dread is... well, dreadful. I'd just rather do it and get it over with. So I did. I slept for 48 hours. and I'm feeling better. Now that I know I've already had the plague that's hitting everybody else in the house, I can concentrate on getting something done in regards to our trip... in three days!! No, I'm not panicking. I leave that for the last 12 hours. No need to rush things. And how on earth would anybody ever be ready for such a cataclysmic event? Much less me?

My Mom and Dad came by and spent the night on their way home from Missouri. My Dad promised God that if He would get him out of there, he'd never go back again. My Dad is a man of his word, so I guess he'll never see Missouri again. They're just not the touristy type- but went to see family. They'd rather be home- Dad rootin' around in the garden and Mom with her paint brushes. She picked up her "Midnight on Mars" quilt. She seemed happy with it and family are likely to tell you differently if such is the case. It took four people to hold it down(three behind the quilt) as the wind was threatening to carry it off- and DS Daniel was whining about getting blown off his chair- featherweight! And it wasn't even "windy."

I'm still not finished with... I'm enhancing my calm...the flowergirl dresses. When you guys see how simple these are, you'll be rolling your eyes and callin' me a big ole crybaby. But I have about figured it out... it's the blue. A lovely shade of blue. But, blue makes me moody. Moodier. Just one weird thing about me. I plan on finishing them, today. There's still 9 hours left. I could do it. And won't it feel so nice to slip the cover over them and say, "Done!" Yes, yes, very nice. For now, I am procrastinating by baking. Another weird thing. I power bake when I should be sewing. I made a "picnic cake"- a very old recipe with bananas and marshmallows. They get all toasty on top...mmm... Then we made a lemon pound cake- Daniel's favorite- to make up for the featherweight jibe. We glaze ours. (1/2 c. oj concentrate, 1/4 c. butter, 2 c. powdered sugar, boil one minute and pour over hot cake.) A tablespoon of lemon rind is extra good, too, but we're just simple country cooks, Captain, not a doctor. Good thing I'm over the tummy 'flu, huh? Made a pot full of chili for hotdogs and an Asian chicken salad, too.

Need to get some labels made for the quilts I've finished and plan on handing out in the next couple weeks. Four in all. I made some 8x11" Bubble Jet sheets, and now I have a sneakin' suspicion that I'm running low on printer ink. Ain't that how it always is? Ah well, I'll make do... Maybe there's some blue ink left... Now... before I lose my nerve, I'm gonna rip off this apron, and go out to the sewing room and tackle those dresses. Adorable dresses.


Sarah said...

Glad you have returned to the land of the living! Can't wait to see pictures of the girls in the dresses. If you get hit by the jumper making mood, let me know and I will supply fabric in exchange for some jumpers! Having a hard time finding things long enough for Maddie's long legs! Counting the days until June 19th!

Have a safe trip to Tampa. Tell Bill I am only an hour and a half away from Atlanta. And you could then just zoom over to 65 and head north.

Miss you and love you!


teelduo said...

OH and what a BEAUTIFUL QUILT IT IS!!! Oh and my bed is just waitin' on it. Hugs to all ya'll and sorry you got the creepy crud! I do pray it passes us up.

P.S. Are we gonna see a picture of those finished dresses? Preferably with girls in them modeling.

cher said...

glad you were able to sleep through the worse of that crud..and clearly back in the power mode...hope those dresses went together fast.

Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful quilt. I'm awake tonight, too. Hope you're sleeping by now. :)


Peni said...

Let me say it again...the quilting pleases me VERY MUCH!!! I have it spread on my bed now; as inspiration to get it bound. It is a perfect queen spread size and I like it more all the time. May have to consider some of those Marsy tones for myself someday!

Wish I could have stayed...and finished those bluesy dresses for you.

love you so, Mom

The Calico Cat said...

care to share the actual picnic cake recipe - you have us intruigued with the roasted marshmallows....

Dawn said...

Your quilt in the field is wonderful! Life seems to just keep flying by for you!