Monday, May 01, 2006

Moments of truth...
Here is a quilt that I gave away yesterday, to my friend, Marianne. She is graduating from college, next Saturday- while we're gone. It was extra sunny when I took the picture, so it's kinda washed out. No, really, it was much brighter. The quilting design is one of Keryn's pantos that I bought while in Chicago. Thank you Keryn! I like it very much. I made the quilt top last fall before my last trip to Florida- to spend a few days with Sarah. Actually, I made 3 quilt tops of the same pattern, just different batiks. Good thing, Marianne loves blue and green, as I certainly didn't have time to make her another quilt before this sweeping saga of a trip to Florida. There's no quicker way to get me to put a book back on a shelf than to describe it as a "sweeping saga." That's their way of saying- it takes you through way more of a family tree than you'd ever want to go on your own. That's how I'm feeling about this trip- taking me farther than I'd ever want to go!

I am "finished" with the flowergirl dresses. It was worse than I feared- putting a zipper in a seam that contains 16 layers of satin was beyond my capabilities. I cried all over the place the entire time I sewed on them. But I did it. It just doesn't look that great, but maybe the girls will get to wear their hair down... yeah, that'll cover those ole nasty zippers. The dresses, themselves, look nice and the girls love them. I'll post pics from the wedding. I decided that I "needed" some hot and spicey red pepper chicken as a reward for the chore. (Using food as a solution for something it was never intended to solve. Not a good way to start a vacation. Someday, I'll learn.) I still need to stitch the linings down and hem them by hand, but they're all pinned up and waiting. I hope to finish them tonight, before we hit the road. Won't that be relaxing?

I'll need a glass of caffeine if I'm gonna get the things done that need to be done, today. Mostly just rounding up a few more things for the girls to wear and getting my laundry caught up. Why is it that the children with the most clothes- the girls- always have the hardest time finding them? DH is running all my errands. Kids are housecleaning. I think I'll end up like my folks and just stay home from now on. But the kids will have such a good time. I think we'll all have a good time. I can do this. Don't worry, Sarah, I still plan on joining you in TN, in June. I just don't plan on bringing ten other people with me! Shew!


Sarah said...

I am tired just reading your post! Glad those zippers are in! You couldn't talk your mama into doing it for you?

We are getting ready to head out to run a huge pile of errands. Going to give the Wonky Houses to Mrs. Chatham so the class can enjoy if for the last few weeks of class!

I will try to call you tonight. Are you still leaving tomorrow?

Love, Sarah

cher said...

so glad you have those horrid zippers behind you! fingers crossed everything else goes smoothly and you can enjoy this trip!

Isobel said...

Now, tell me again, when was it that your mom & dad stayed home. Seems like they are always hopping from one place to another.

Peni said...

Bless your heart, bless your heart, bless your heart.

You'll be fine once you get on the road, really!

Love you so, Mom

PS Couldn't talk her into letting me do them, Sarah. I'm sure I don't know why.....but I'll have a strong case for 'the next time,' don't you think? No zipper is worth crying over, love her heart!

Sharon said...

LOL! Crying over zippers! That's one to mark down in your life journal! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue quilt!

Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful quilt.

And I can only imagine having as many talents as you have. I remember trying to get ready for vacation with one child. LOL.

And I can only imagine putting zippers in something like that.

You're Wonder Woman.

Safe journey.


Lucy said...

I really love this pattern ! It looks hard to make the pieces neat because they are so big ! Do you use a template??

Samantha said...

Enjoy the vacation. The quilt looks wonderful!

Laurie Ann said...

Good luck on the flower girl dresses. I am sure they'll be awesome! Love the green/blue quilt. The pic is funny, it looks like it is being held by someone with really short legs and really really long arms! :)

Darcie said...

I've missed you so, Nina! And now you're away from the 'puter! Drat!

You've had yourself a hectic few days too, haven't you. Now I feel like a chaos was nothing compared to your ER visits and zippers and puke buckets and boy-toilets.

The quilt for your friend is so calming. Sorry you don't really appreciate blue. At least you know how to work through it though.

I had to chuckle when I first saw the pic though. Darling little knees down there at the bottom of the quilt. Don't tell me those fingers up in the corners belong to those knees! ;-)

Safe travels to you and your family, Nines! Can't wait to see pics of your darlings' dresses!

ForestJane said...

16 layers of slippery satin? I'd have been crying too... :p

I love the blue star quilt.

Ann said...

wow...what a mess with the zippers....been there, done that! Glad it's over for you! I LOVE The blue and green star! WTG!

Dawn said...

Marianne's quilt is wonderful! I'm having such a grand time today catching up with everything!