Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My own quilt show... at Aunt Dottie's. I had forgotten to bring my camara- bad Nines, and my Uncle Ken let me use his. He burned me a CD of the pictures I had taken and it came in the mail, today. So, thank you Uncle Ken! His mother made all of these lovely quilts. Aren't they smart? She was really very, very good. (I think she must have loved pretty things, because I remember my cousin, her granddaughter, getting these elaborate, ruffly dresses for Xmas. I can still see Aimee prancing down the hall going to Sunday school- shaking the hem of her fancy dress- there was a bell sewn in there. Ching-ching-ching. Aimee is an actress, today.) Can you make out the baptist fan quilting in the top picture? I'm not sure if you can see it, but the textiles in these are all still very bright. The snow balls aren't really snow balls but are bow ties. And I love the four-pointed string stars- the backing for it is the prettiest pink and yellow flowered feed sack. I'm a sucker for pink lemonade. My favorite is probably the log cabins- I love the pastels in her light values. It is quite a collection.

I got 3 quilts delivered, today, and had the loveliest visit with Miss Thelma. She is 90 years old and doesn't look a day over 60. And is so spry and just a really lovely person. She says that her trick is working hard and drinking lots of water. Her daughter called while were looking over the quilts and she teased her that they were just such a dissappointment, but what could you expect from such a pitiful collection of tops? Apparently, she is quite the teaser 'cause she was so thrilled with them. Sarah- you should see her tea cup collection- they were bursting out of cupboards everywhere. I had some time to kill while waiting for DH to finish a job at the hospital and so I bought some more tomato plants and ok, a few more flowers. And I got my hair cut. Sarah, are you ok? Honey, talk to me. Oh, just a little, maybe 5 inches. It still is a few inches over my shoulders. But feels so much better. DH finds it difficult to carry on a conversation with Sarah when she cuts her hair. It is a beautiful strawberry blonde color and she insists on wearing it so short that it grieves poor Bill. He loves long hair. But honestly, it can be such a bother. We caught a movie before coming home. That's the day in a nutshell. Or a nut's shell.


Lucy said...

I love the kansas quilt . I like to see a picture of the whole quilt..I would love to make one by myself. But I think it is the best to do it on a background . But I don't love to work on a background. does anybody have suggestions to make this pattern Thank you so much for this quilt show.. and I thought I left a comment for the tulip quilt but I didn''t find it back . that one is awsesome too :-)


Sarah said...

I didn't realize that I grieve Bill with my hair! I am sure he could find bigger and better things to worry about!

Thanks for the quilt show!

I have got to clean house today. The new preacher and his family are in town this week looking for housing. I volunteered to have them (and the family they are staying with) over for dinner tomorrow night. It is still relatively clean from Monday's company - that means it is good enough for relatives!

Talk to you soon! Is it time for me to buy you some new phone cards?

cher said...

lovely, lovely quilt show...the bapist fans are great!

YankeeQuilter said...

thank you for the quilt show...love the log cabin! How nice to have things like these that come from your own family.

Tonya R said...

Marvelous quilts. Yes, I can definitely see the fans in that wild fabric.

Tropical Screamer said...

Thank you for taking the time to upload the pictures. What beautiful quilts. I love the fabrics.