Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stylish ladies...

Aren't these adorable? They are hanging on one of the guest room walls at my Aunt June's house. I asked her about them and she said that a lady friend of hers had made them for her- as greeting cards. But of course, they were too precious for her to part with. They are very tiny- with button faces not even an inch across. Their fancy hats are felt-embellished, and their dresses are just drawn with a nice pen. I just thought they were way cool.

The rain is giving everything a nice soaking, tonight. Sorry Dad. He's having to tote 60 gallons of water a day to keep his garden from completely giving up. I can't figure that would be good for the recently refurbished ticker... At any rate... here are some things that have occurred to me...

I believe...

  • That one is never so aware of the blessing of sunshine and rain as when one is gardening.
  • That never will a flower garden be happier than in June.
  • That if we try harder we can store up the memory of the sun on our foreheads and the heat pressing against our faces for a cold winters' day- it might even make us smile.
  • That children should work on a strict catch and release method when collecting fireflies. And never, ever, taught that it's ok to rip their tails off just so you can have a glowing ring. that's just wrong.
  • That some of the flowers in the clearance section should be taken home out of pity. Not pity for the plant, but it's good for the soul to at least attempt to save something from the brink of destruction.
  • That a "watched pot" will eventually boil- but the wait can be excrutiating. Turn your back on it and throw together a salad.
  • That while "watched pots" will eventually boil, a watched quilt will never quilt itself. Weird how that doesn't happen. It just sits there and sits there and sits there...
  • That The Pink Panther movie isn't very funny, but once you add the really bad French accent... hilarious. We'll see if Tonya agrees with this assessment in a few months... only they'll be really good French accents... so maybe the effect will be lost.
  • That nothing feels as sweet as chubby little baby arms wrapped around your neck.
  • That no child could feel unloved when given a piece of warm, homemade bread. Bread is very serious business- Monkey Bread not withstanding.


Peni said...

I always check your blog FIRST, and get so excited when a new title pops up. Your writing is so refreshing...and addictive. Each occurance brought a smile. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Amen - to your mom's reply. Your blog is always at the top of my list!

And tonight's entry is an awful lot of thinking for so late at night!

What are we going to sew on while in Tennessee? Have you checked with your cousin about which day might be good to have lunch with her?

Love - Sarah

anne bebbington said...

Love those ladies in the frames - the hats are so outrageous and gorgeous against the simplicity of the button face and the line drawn dresses - exactly as hats should be - just like Royal Ascot here in England

Darcie said...

Darling little framed pieces of art, Nines! So glad you snapped a pic of them to share.

Your beliefs are heartwarming. Thanks for the nudge to stop and smell the roses!