Saturday, July 29, 2006

...Blogger isn't in a happy mood this Monday morning...

wouldn't let me upload a picture. fine! I figure I'll just edit a picture I uploaded a while ago. My mom asked me, Friday, what I was doing and I answered that I was spending the whole day trying to figure out what I was doing. So here's what that's like...
  • I changed the quilt over the piano- my Aunt Shelia gave me this one- made by her Grandmother. It's in sad shape, but fun. All the green "blocks" are actually where the backing is showing through!
  • I quilted one pass across the quilt of valor. 2 more to go.
  • I made two more quilt blocks for my hand-dyed sampler. "Sarah's Choice" (guess what color it is) and "Indian."
  • I made 2 batches of cookies.
  • I looked over the garden. Aim to pick more beans in another day or two. The corn silks are being feasted on by the Japanese beetles- aren't they a plague this year?
  • I weeded the flower garden.
  • I took the air conditioner outside and sprayed off the condenser and scrubbed the wheel/fan in it. Amazing how much better it works- I'm even cold, now. Must have had a premonition of how hot it was going to get this week!
  • I decided since I was miserably dirty, I might as well clean out the freezer and figure out why I have an inch of solid ice on the floor. Evaporation tray in the back had a clogged drain. Fixed it with a clothes hanger. Couldn't find the strength to get the fridge back against the wall. How did I get it out?
  • Did 1 load of laundry. Pathetic, I know.
  • Moped some, as DH was out of town. He went to Alabama to pick up the boys from camp. They are home now. Yeah! (Joe said he'd miss me, before he left. Then he pauses and says, "I'll really miss your cooking." Guess he did. I made him weigh himself as he seemed awfully thin when he returned. Lost 10 lbs at camp! I'm wondering if they have camps for mommies...)

I'm sure there are other miscellaneous odds and ends that got done, but it's all a blur now. Quite a bit was accomplished, but without any real purpose in mind. Evabeth and I stayed up until 5am- she couldn't sleep. We watched the commentary of Walk The Line. Had crazy dreams about crazy Joaquin Phoenix. I like him, but his eyes freak me out a little bit.

So, it's off to work, today. I usually just work Tuesdays, but Tanya's doing very well at her quilt shows, so she can afford me for an extra day this week! I jest. But things have been going very well for her. Her husband is Bahrainian and, with all the mess in the Mideast, they are feeling that all these quilters are thinking it's Armageddon, and so they're throwing their money away on quilting supplies... which brings to mind my question... what would be the point if there's the end of the world to contend with? Maybe I don't have a clear understanding of this "Armageddon" thing. No, I don't think I want an education- I did see the movie with Bruce Willis! Not the same thing? Well, I guess I'll just wait and see. In my mind, quilting usually is the solution for a whole lot of problems... Now see? I'm having another one of those days with no purpose in mind.


Robin said...

Hi, Nina! I just love the pics of the kids and the beans. I have been canning beans for the last week too. I'm slower than you at it though. I can only get about 28 quarts done in one day, since I work from 5pm-midnight at McDonalds (I hate it, but it sure does help with paying the bills). I made pickles (sweet and sour) last week and I'm going to make some bread and butter ones tomorrow. Our tomatoes are not doing well at all. They are rottening before they are ripening. David did bring me in some yesterday and I canned only 5 quarts.

Come on over to my spot on Pleonast and visit!


Mama Koch said...

IF you find that camp for Mommies, will you sign me up too?!
Love your kids...remind me of mine just a few years ago.

Sarah said...

Nines -

I am quilting on my QOV too. Want to get it finished by Wednesday when we are making a quick run to Nashville before school starts. Want to meet me there? Aww, come on!

Trying to clean up the house at the same time. Quilt one pass then clean for 20 minutes. Not sure how this computer time figures in!

Miss you and love you!

quiltpixie said...

I feel exhasuted just looking at your list! Yikes

McIrish Annie said...

you are making the rest of us look bad!!! LOL! I'm also impressed with your handyman skills... and quilting!!! you are SUPER MOM AND SUPER QUILTER rolled into one..

Tonya R said...

The quilt is still a beauty. You are soooo productive. I'd be embarassed to list what I manage to do in a day.

Judy said...

Wow, if that's an unstructured but productive day for you: I am embarrassed! Some days the whole thing slips by and I really can't list 5 things I did. I get distracted alot!

Speaking of doing stuff...If I get off the computer, I might have a better chance!!

Old is still lovely! That quilt is wonderful!

Tracey said...

My, my...don't we all have days like that? I really dislike those days a lot. I'll crawl into bed and feel like I didn't accomplish a cotton-pickin' thing. Just wonderin' around.

Glad to hear that the boys are home. And the quilt is beautiful...the 'roughness' makes it all the more charming. :o)

P.S. Have added that book to my list too! :OD

Darcie said...

I'm sorry to say, dear Nines, that I've had many-a-day like that! I call those times "doing a lot of not much." Guess most Moms probably know what that's like, right?

Glad you're able to work a few more hours at the quilt store. I'd bet that you're pretty good at helping people spend their money, right?! ;-) Thatta girl! ;-)