Friday, December 08, 2006

Sewing of a different kind...

I suppose stringing popcorn could be considered sewing- it does involve a needle and thread, right? And how fast it goes when you have 8 busy little sets of hands! I could barely get their strings tied together in the amount of time they were turning them out. I have a small tree which I put up in the kitchen. We cover it with all edible things. So there are strings of popcorn and gingerbread men and dried apples and orange slices studded with cloves. It smells yummy! It needs some candy canes, I think. DS Dan said that the tree was pathetic, but that is only because it is quite small- only 6 feet high and like the rest of his family, he likes things BIG! So we bought a 10 foot tree, last night, for the living room. I usually like a bigger one than that, but it was the biggest one I could find, so we'll be happy to have it. (The picture also shows my kitchen sink. Darcie and I were talking about sinks, the other day. This sink was in the house when we bought it and it is one of the few original things that we kept. It is a gardener's dream- makes canning so easy and great with a large family. I am considering getting the base painted at an automotive shop- the paint I put on there just doesn't stand up to the constant water and soap. And isn't that a great window? DH Bill put that in for me. I love the light and sunshine- and the view for miles across the fields! It is so phenomenal on a snowy day!)
Favorite things....
This little cup, I bought at a thrift shop for 49 cents. It says, "Made in New Zealand" on the bottom, and I can't say why, really, but I just like it. It makes me happy and I have put it on my list of favorite things.


quiltpixie said...

We never had much success stringing popcorn (it always broke into little bits) but it looks like your kids have the knack!

Darcie said...

You know...that's one of the first things my eyes zoomed in on: Your red sink!!! Love it!

Oh...your children are just adorable! We had a few years of Christmas trees filled with gingerbread men. I've even got some pics of them snitching the cookies of the tree while hanging them. Hanging the gingerbread men, that is.

If you go to a florist's shop...they may have anise seeds. Mmm! They smell divine!

Thanks for sharing, Nines! Hugs to you on this Fine Friday!

Darcie said...

I guess the whole anise seeds thing was a little vague. I meant to say that you can make garlands out of your foody items...and alternate anise seeds here and there on the string. The anise seeds are sort of star shaped and oh, what an aroma!

Judy said...

Does your sink ahve the bog drain boards on either side??/ My gannies sink was just like that, atop the metal cabinets that she painted green.

Great kids you have...really great!

Peni said...

It is a happy little tea cup!

...and a wonderfully happy kitchen.


Sandra said...

I can't even imagine a 10 foot high tree! Our ceilings are only 7.5 feet high! A 6 foot tree is big in our house LOL. The popcorn strings look great - not really a popular thing downunder - maybe it gets too hot and they'd get soft or mouldy!

ForestJane said...

Just curious... if you have 8 kids, why are you called Nines? :D

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It looks like lots of fun - my Little Boy would just delight being in the midst of your big family... he is such an EAGER helper (which often leads to more work on my part, but oh, the fun he has!).

You might try rustoleum paint on your sink - the kind of paint you use on hot water radiators and such, but not sure if it contains lead - seeing that it IS a kitchen sink and all - you would probably want to double check!



Carrie said...

Looks like a fantastic time to me! What a great way to spend an afternoon!

And I did get your message you sent me through my music studio website. Thanks so much for your encouraging words - you made so many good points! And I'd have to agree!

Don't worry, I full well plan to be a mom - I'm HOPING very soon - but it's all about God's timing *sigh* LOL

Thanks again! Have a great weekend!
God bless :)

Helen said...

Hi from NZ. Lovely teacup. It was probably made in the Crown Lynn factory which closed down years ago. When I was a kid everybody had Crown Lynee dinnerware. Imported stuff had heaps of duty so it was expensive. What fun your kids are having.

Isobel said...

When my kids were little, we had some Christmas ribbon that would stick to itself when moistened. Gary's first grade teacher helped them make chains of the ribbons. They made very small loops for the chains and they were absolutely beautiful on the tree. Over the years they faded and we no longer use them, but I can't throw them away.

If you would see my house you would know that I have a problem letting go of 'stuff'.