Saturday, June 23, 2007

A quick and easy project...

This is a Glenda Stock design. I didn't actually use the pattern, 'cause I shouldn't have been sewing this weekend, but packing. We are going on vacation next week to Tennessee. I have my family reunion. Packing for 10 people... well, it's obviously something to be avoided as demonstrated by the fact that I have been sewing instead of packing. Glenda Stock is a local gal who sells her patterns here at the Quilter's Toy Box. This one was supposed to be done on a denim shirt, but as I was supposed to be packing... well, of course I didn't have a denim shirt, but I did have this cute linen jacket. Think it made a pretty good substitute. I am not sure if I did it like Glenda would have, but it was super-easy and it only took me a touch over an hour to make- even not knowing what I was doing. Basically, you sew all those 2" strips, random lengths, together- end to end, and then you sew them in a line down the front of the jacket- leaving 1/4" seam at the bottom and top. Then you flip and press, add another row, until to finish the front. Just like string piecing. Trim the ends and tuck them under the strips and top sew it all down. I think my Mom will like it! Of course, I think anything in batik looks good!

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Darcie said...

I think that Glenda Stock would be thrilled with your version of her jacket! The linen gives it a very dressy feel.

You're leaving me??!?? What will I do?!

;-) Ok. Yes. Enough whining from me. HAVE A SAFE TRIP!!! And hurry back! ;-)

Hugs to you!