Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mama's little astronauts...
The girls were fascinated by a movie we watched a couple of weeks ago... "Mom! Look! We're astronauts and this is our spaceship!" How cute is that? I just had to take their picture! Of course, they still look all girly, but I loved the paper bag space suits! Give a kid a cardboard box and you can entertain them for hours!
Speaking of outerspace, did anyone else catch the lunar eclipse, last night? I was so amazed! I got to bed late(2am) and thought I'd skip the whole event, but it seems that it'll occur again in February... standing out on the prairie in the middle of the night in February... um, maybe not. Definitely NOT! And then it isn't supposed to happen for another 8-10 years. So I set my alarm for 4:45am- after trying to figure out Universal time, minus 5 hours, plus 1 hour... and who says my brain doesn't function after midnight? I put on dh's jammie pants and a hoodie, and snuck out of the house very quietly. Wow! was it ever bright! And then to see that dark shadow pass over the face of the moon... eery. You could just imagine how unsettling it was for people of ancient times to see such an awesome event. The whole darkening of the full moon lasted a little over an hour, and I waited and waited.... and I wimped out! After 20 minutes without powering back up, I just had to get back in my nice warm bed. I felt like such a putz for not waiting it out, but it was already 6:20am, and I had to get up at 7:30am... I know, I have no endurance! Usually, dh loves these kinds of things and goes out with me, but he is in Austin, TX, on a business trip and so Declan was my sole companion- and he isn't bad company, per se... just a yellow tabby cat can't quite compare to my own sweet man. Think I'll make an early night of it, tonight. And then Dh will be home tomorrow! No more mooning over him!!


teelduo said...

I slept through it so you are better than me. OXOX

Peni said...

I know you...you will NOT stop mooning:)

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

With all the toys kids have, paper bags and boxes are still the best to play with.

I slept the night and missed the lunar eclipse.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Wish I had known to look for it - as I was probably up during that time. With the twins I am up at least two or three times nursing during the night! Although it is getting a little easier... now during our 3rd month.

How do you find out in advance of these happenings? I'd love to see it when it happens in February as it does't get too cold here in SE Texas in the winter.

Happy Weekend ~Bonnie

PS - LOVE the photo of the girls! My 3 year old told me the other day that she was on her way to MARS and needed an extra juice box to take with her. LOL :) I can't wait unitl the twins are old enough to play pretend with her!

Carol E. said...

Some of my best memories are playing with boxes, and then watching my kids do so, too. Love the story about watching the eclipse, except it made me exhausted. YOu got almost zero sleep! I think you'll be too darn tired to moon over your hubby when he comes home.

Shelina said...

What sweet girls! I think it is amazing the amount of toys we buy for kids when they get more use of boxes and bags, and get to use their imaginations besides!
I missed the eclipse, didn't find out about it until the next day, since I don't watch the news often though.
Funny, the word verification has the word sky in it!