Friday, September 14, 2007

Girly-Girl Day!

We had a great day at the Heritage Fair in Pendleton, IN. They have a nice quilt show in their museum and I really can't even begin to fathom why-oh-why didn't I take any pictures of that!? But I didn't. I do have proof that we were there as I have a picture of the girls in front of the sign. I have a picture around here, somewhere, from last year and I thought it would be fun to see how they have grown in one year. Can't find it at the moment. typical. The girls and I decided that we are going to enter the Spring Valley quilt show, next year and that way, we'll get in for free! There is no entry fee and no guild membership requirement. And the judging is just "viewers choice." So no negative comments and we'd save $9. Really just a perk, as we all thought it would be fun. The quilt show is held in a log cabin by a creek- very picturesque. And the lighting is very good- pot lights. We must have made three trips up and down their stairs, trying to decide our favorites in each category. And they also had a display of quilts of valor- which reminded me that I need to get mine quilted, though I noticed that several of theirs were just floppies, too. Quilting- the great infinished business.
The bottom picture is in way of an apology for not taking any pictures of the quilts at the show. I made this piece- about 28"x20, to use as a background for some postcards- I got the idea from a tie I saw on the preacher one Sunday... um, well, maybe I was daydreaming just a tad, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I thought it would make an interesting- and still neutral- background for some bright batik applique. I just wavy cut a bunch of soft grey fabrics and layered them on some pellon, ironed them down and then applique stitched them down. Now they are ready to whack into 4"x6" blocks. I have made up 24 postcards from that one piece, but I haven't had a chance to download from my camera to the 'puter, yet. Speaking of computers, I am hoping that mine will be resurrected by Monday. My computer Gurus have completed their work on it and now I am just looking for a keyboard and a mouse- whatever zapped my computer obviously took a shot at my board and mouse, too. Boo-hiss! I have one laying around here, somewhere. Can't find it at the moment. typical.


Darcie said...

LOVE your new profile pic!!! You're so pretty! (And yea!!! It's scarf weather here again!)

You'll have lots of gorgeous quilts to share with viewers for next year's show. Will the girls make one themselves too? That would be sweet!


cher said...

the girls are so sweet looking-and getting taller. Great idea on the curvy background piece.

Peni said...

My sweet girls!!! The postcards went well here in FL...can't wait to try that and other whole-piece backgrounds. Any excuse to start a new batch...teeheehee.

Love you so, Mama

Shelina said...

That sounds like the kind of quilt show I wouldn't mind submitting my quilts to.