Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Abraham!!!
Someone seems to have grown up, over night! He has always walked with a swagger, but now it seems to be combined with a little march- just like dad! 4 years old! He's my quilting buddy. He keeps a box of toys in the quilting room and can most times be found under my feet- and I love it that way. (I heard a lady say that she was going to put a gate across her sewing room door to keep the kids out... I can see her point, lots of sharp things in there, but here, the kids are always welcome- unless I am using the quilting machine on a particularly difficult peice and I need complete concentration. But they even know how to make a wide circle so as to not stop the flow of me and the machine!) He got a whole bunch of matchbox cars for his birthday so I am sure that they will be whizzing by my feet in the near future!


Sarah said...

Please give ABe a big birthday kiss for me!

teelduo said...

Happy birthday to our sweet sweet Abraham! OXOXOXOX from uncle Craig and Aunt Lisa

atet said...

Happy b-day to your little one. Time sure goes quickly doesn't it? Love the background you made for fabric postcards -- can't wait to see more of them!

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to Abe!

However did he lose those teeth at this age?? I'm guessing it was a brother-to-brother mishap. LOL

I've always wondered, too, and don't remember ever reading it here... are your children home-schooled?

I know you've cut back seriously on blogging compared to the past couple of years, but I still love reading your posts and seeing your pictures when they pop up.

Sheila in Ohio

Darcie said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUGS, YOUNG MAN!!! (...just between you and me...do you think that they'll ever stop calling you Abe the Babe? I doubt it too. I'm the baby -- make that YOUNGEST -- of the family...and I'll always be the baby.)


Dawn said...

Oh happy birthday to my sweetie pie! He is sooo adorable!