Friday, November 30, 2007

Um...might have got a little caught up in detail...

Here are a couple of the postcards that I made up after my trip to Maine. (Did I mention what a wonderful time I had?) So I came home and was all inspired to make postcards. I got these 2 done and ran out of umph. Really, the umph is still there, just the time that runs short. Bummer.

The top picture is of my favorite lighthouse- West Quoddy. It is on the Bay of Fundy and the weather there was incredible. You see why we need lighthouses! It is red striped so that it is easily seen in snow- a Canadian tradition. East Quoddy, in Canada, has a red cross painted on it's side. I did a lot of hunting for the right fabrics from my stash and fussy cutting. Amazing what a piece of fabric looks like when you cut it down to nothing! Or use the reverse side. I put a heat-fix swarovski crystal in as the lights and they do twinkle.

The bottom one is of Pemaquid- it sits on a point with the most incredible stone formations- they look like stripes of wood in the ground. This postcard is kinda tongue-in-cheek. When I got home from my big trip, I was showing the kids my pictures. Eva(8) and Bekah(6) asked, at almost the same time, "Why do they have lights in their elevators?" I was puzzled by what they meant and then it hits me- the lighthouses really do look like our grain elevators(silos!) I had a good giggle over that one and so I moved the stone up closer to the lighthouse so that it kinda looks like plowed furrows- if ya didn't know any better! I had a great time piddling with these and I plan on making a full set, but I'm thinking that they might not ever make it to the mail box.

The little torn strips of fabric are for a class I taught on postcards- they are overdyes from my stash that Sarah and I made for our birthdays. The class was a hit and I even had a couple kits left over that are gonna make it, someday, to my Mom. I have put the post card mess up- worse than scrapbooking- and I am working on getting quilts quilted. Wait a minute, I sound way too responsible. Let me fix that... I am also sewing on a paper peicing project. Fooling around when I should be working. There, that sounds more like the me I know!


Terri McC said...

hello from the Bay of Fundy! I just had to write to tell you that I came across your blog and your great Bay of FUndy lighthouse 'post card'. I'm not a quilter so I don't quite a post card just a small quilt sample? do you put it together with other pieces to make a quilt or is it for exhibit? Anyway it's very well done and I'd like to do a posting on my Bay of Fundy blog about it if you don't mind. My blog is
Terri McC

Darcie said...

How cool! You've got a Fundy blogger wondering about quilting and postcard making! What could be more fun?!

I had a good giggle about your girls and their lighthouses/silos. How cute!!!

Many hugs....

Terri McC said...

Thanks for your quick answer, Nines! They really are postcards...that's very cool. I just did a post about them on my blog and linked it back to yours. Don'tcha just love the blogosphere!! Please look me up if you ever get further up the Bay into Nova Scotia. Terri

Peni said...

Sounds more like the YOU I LOVE!!!

I've been looking forward to these lighthouse posts, too!