Monday, December 17, 2007

Jacob's Feast...

Jacob(14y) is our third son. He's very quick on the up-take- you know, the kid who always gets the joke a few seconds before anyone else. He has always been a very easy child to be around- as long as you didn't expect him to do things like the other boys. He is more than capable of entertaining himself and never minded being different. He's very creative and loves being outdoors. He loves to read- especially books about survival or animals. He has an extensive rock collection and can spot a geode a mile away. He plays the fiddle and likes bluegrass music. Not your typical teen. And we like that about him!

His feast was uniquely his own. He popped in a bluegrass cd and took the children their gifts before they were invited in- bandanas in different colors and designs. The had to wear them to the feast. His bluegrass music was a hint- he was having a hoe-down! He had removed the kitchen table and had set up a "fire ring" in the middle of the kitchen floor. He had gathered some big rocks from the borders of my flower garden- no simple feat considering that they were covered in snow and frozen to the ground! Inside of his fire ring, he had stacked some wood, some flickering light bulbs and a kerosene lamp. It was really cool. We all sat around the "fire" on quilts and he served up a super feast of down-home food, all offered up in big cast iron skillets. He had boneless bbq chicken wings for an appetitzer, pop in bottles, and then steak, mashed potatoes, corn from the garden and white rolls- I don't rememer the last time I made rolls with white flour, but there was a whole lot of pounding on the floor, that night! Apparently, they liked them alot. We had also sweetened our butter with a little powdered sugar and cinnamon. His dessert was Texas sheet cake- which everyone groaned as they ate because they were just too full! It kept, and I noticed the whole pan had disappeared by lunch the next day. A couple of the older boys cringed over the choice of music, but they were good-natured about it. It really was a great feast!


Susan said...

What a delightful feast! I have to tell you I was feeling a little blue and this story just perked me right up, imagining you all sitting on the floor around the 'fire' and having a great meal. =) Thanks!

Darcie said...

You've got the coolest kids to come up with all of these different Feast themes...but then...for their Mom to go right along with them with all of the decorating and such! Oh're pretty cool yourself, Nines!!! What a fun season in the "K" house!

Lots of hugs to you! Have a fun day at the Toy Box! ;-)