Saturday, December 15, 2007

Joe's feast...

Meet Joe. He's 17 and a perfectly nice fella. People tend to really like Joe. What's not to like? He has a ready smile and a quiet way. I was trying to think of the right words to describe Joe and I asked Abe, "What's a good thing about Joe?" and Abe answers back real quick, "He loves us." Yep, he does. He is very sweet with all of his brothers and sisters. I've never heard him complain about them getting into his things or bugging him. Joe likes to read and draw and is working, full-time, for Habitat For Humanity. He does have a facial hair fascination, but no one's perfect.

Joe's feast was a great event. He had decided that he would buy the kids a movie to share as their gift and then he would serve up a "movie night!" How fun is that? He bought them the new Harry Potter movie and you should have seen the raptures over that! Joseph got a big kick out of the girls' squeals and their big eyes! Because he works and doesn't get home until dinner time, he kept his feast simple but full of the things that the kids like the best. We had our Bible reading and prayer in the living room and then he shooed all of the kids up to the family room. He served them pizza and soft pretzels and, of course, popcorn. He had a 5 gallon bucket full of ice and canned pop. His dessert was the biggest bowl I have, filled to the brim, with candy. Talk about a sugar high! It took Abe two days to mellow out!


Susan said...

Oh, you are so wealthy - beyond compare. Your children are truly wonderful, and I've loved hearing about them and their feasts.

Kathie said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I remember last year when I read about each childs dinner feasts and thought what a wonderful tradition. Great way to make each child feel so special.
Here I let my 2 girls pick the dinner I make and when they were little we always bought the other one a small present too (usually a book) just so they had something to open too.
We called it being the best sister present.
Thats wonderful that Joe works full time with Habit for Humanity one of my favorite organizations. Does he build houses for them? If so what a trade he is learning.


Darcie said...

What a guy, that Joe! I think that he may be one of a kind. He's going to be the most giving husband and father. Out of all of the newly released movies...Joe chose one that he knew would bring excitement to everyone else. And what a feast! Yum!

Loads of hugs to you! Happy Monday!