Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The computer and I have been getting along rather well over the past couple days... trying not to get used to it! I have found a more reasonably priced satelite service, http://www.skywayusa.com/ and I am thinking to use part of my tax return on that. My oldest son, Joe, has flown the coop for a week and so I have had a little extra time, online. I'd still rather have him home, it's just not a fair exchange. He is visiting family friends in Alabama. Coincidentally, he will be gone over Valentine's Day...hmmm. Wondering if I should be suspicious? Is love in the air? Men! they just don't share like we girls. Of course, he will also be gone over President's Day, and that doesn't arouse any suspicions. I don't figure he has any political aspirations.
Amidst my industrious time in the quilting room, this wallhanging arose from the depths. A cooperation between my friends, Jean, Tanya, and me. I am sure Tanya helped Jean choose the fabrics and the pattern, Jean did the sewing and then it came to me. For several reasons. You see, this inner, woven panel- which measures about 30 inches was made as a backing for a jacket. Jean decided she was tired of making jackets and so it came to me. I didn't have the pattern, but even if I had, I rather doubt I'd have made a jacket out of it. I am just not that fond of making wearables. Plus pink and green... not really my colors. She also gave me all the coordinating fabric, and it has been sitting in my stash for a couple years. Waiting to be "finished." She really did a great job, the little blocks are just 1"x2".
I put the tiny inner border on it(I love this method of framing a quilt- you cut a 1 1/4" strip, iron it in half, lengthwise, and sew around the quilt top- you don't fold/press it out but rather leave it laying on the quilt top, then add another border. Easy.) and then I found some batik(I know, you're shocked) in my stash and made the outer border. It'll make a nice walhanging. For who? Well, it's not my style really. I like it fine, but it has several metalics in it and I am more of a galvanized steel/iron kinda girl. Gold, not so much. My sister has elegant tastes. She might like it, but I am never sure about what she likes, you know? And a wallhanging... well, it isn't like a quilt- it is a displayed peice... so I am filled with doubt about it's final destination. I could give it to her as a table topper, but then you don't notice the overall pattern. But the top is finished and the backing and binding, made. It'll be a quick quilting project.

Speaking of quilting, I recently visited my friend, Sandy, and used her deluxe(APQS) quilting machine. I have a Gammill, but it is a dinosaur. I always say that in hushed tones, lest it hear me and rebel against me. But it's true. No stitch-regulator. No motorized advance. Just a very basic machine. It suits me well. But, Sandy and I thought we'd have a play day, together. She is relatively new at quilting and likes to watch others- don't we all learn a lot that way? So I started quilting that batik quilt. I am about half way done, and hope to finish it up, this week. My DH has a "Grand Opening" for his Habitat For Humanity store, next weekend, and I'd like to display it then. Things I learned:


  1. The double-sized bobbin in a Gammill is wonderful. But if you didn't know the difference, maybe you wouldn't miss it as much. I missed the bigger bobbin.
  2. The motorized advance is a sweet thing.
  3. Stitch regulators are an acquired taste. I see the benefit- but it is a huge adjustment to make when you are not accustomed to it. There is a good bit of drag and my concentration was distracted. But how cool to be able to put the needle pretty much exactly where you want it! Now if I could only figure out where that point is! Like anything new, it's a learning curve.
  4. Gammill has a larger sewing area, something else I missed.
  5. Zipper leaders are sweet, indeed. My next quilting investment, for sure. How cool is it to sit in your recliner and pin on a quilt. Who knows? It may even become something I enjoy. And I didn't finish my quilt- no biggy, just unzip and stash for next week. Way cool.


Hope everyone is enjoying their day. I hope you can get a little sewing in- doesn't the day seem just a little better when we get a chance to do that?


Julia said...

I really like your idea for the small inner border. I am going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing and good luck on a new internet provider.
Maybe Joe is interested in a female politician, lol :)

Darcie said...

You're here!!! It's so good to hear that you're doing well...and so utterly busy as always!

This is a lovely quilt. I couldn't pick up on the metallic-ness...which is all fine to me. I'm with you. ;-)

Yes. And speaking of batiks? Do you have some show and tell for us?


julieQ said...

I know you must miss your son...indeed, not a fair trade! I would love to have a Gammill! someday...

Susan said...

That is the cutest top. I would never have guessed you went stash diving for the borders! Perfect for the center. I guess I'm a dinosaur, because I love the older machines that didn't have all the fancy stuff. =) Hope to have one again someday, too.

Carol E. said...

Beautiful quilt!

Patti said...

Hey Nines - I have two sets of zippers for my leaders that I've never sewn on and probably never will. I'd love to get rid of them. How about you make me an offer and I'll send them to you?