Monday, February 25, 2008

One Batik quilt...
What do ya know? Finally a picture. Not the best, but you get the idea. This hangs in my dh's store and goes in my son Joe's collection. All my quilts- that are not given away, of course, go into one of my kids' collections. So they have a few when they move out.
And this is me laughing hysterically that some of you think I might actually post a picture of frump girl...LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLLOLOLLLLLL!!!!! Guys, I was horrified that the UPS man might see me thusly clothed- let alone imagining the prospect of immortalizing it for all of cyberspace... Um, thanks, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I never was a sucker for truth or dare!
However, I will succumb to a meme- just because it was Darcie who asked and I'll do just about anything for Darcie. I'm supposed to share 7 weird things about me... The problem I have is narrowing it down to 7 things- things I wouldn't mind the whole world knowing... rather like that frump girl. So I had dh help me with the list. At first, he was hesitant, but he got on a roll real quick, so quick in fact, that I might have to list some of his oddities- just to keep things even... Bill's list of Nines' weirdnesses:
  1. I completely freak out around spiders. I forget to breathe. (As a child, I had a bad dream about hundreds of spiders biting my fingers- the little black fuzzy ones that jump- and I've never cared for them since- I think I was laying on my hands wrong- they fell asleep, tingled and stung... it's logical, where my fear is not.)
  2. I love starting projects...finishing them, well, it's a real chore, but Bill says I am getting much better at it.
  3. When Bill walks by, I still growl. I try to keep it quiet, but after 20 years, he still makes my heart go pitter-pat.
  4. I'm ornery. I don't see where this is weird, but Bill put it on the list.
  5. I look at things in a unique way- if "everybody" does it, chances are, I don't. I question just about everything that I can think of to question. I'm miles from mainstream.
  6. I'm annoyed at cell phone towers. I didn't realize that I had this problem until I caught myself, with eyelids at half mast, giving the towers a dirty look. They're just so... ugly. It's not their fault. I'm trying to accept. I feel like the Jetsons. But I do LOVE water towers. Especially when they have the town name on them- my Meemaw lived almost under one and it said "BOOMER" on it. What a cool name for a town. Boomer, WV.
  7. Bill eats no vegetables. See? I got one in on him. Is ketchup a vegetable? I think not. A potato? It's a starch. That's it folks. Meat. potatoes. oh, and chocolate. A steady diet, for 40 years. The occasional apple, banana and watermelon thrown in. His cholesterol is great and he's as healthy as a horse. I wouldn't wish it any other way, but he gives me a hard time about eating all the vegetables and me being puny. Life is just not fair, ya know?

Well, there ya go.


Darcie said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! You're the best. Quirky...frumpy...ornery. I'll take it all!!! ;-)

And so is he still coming up with "things?" I've had the darnedest time trying to get my mind off of "this" and "that" for my 7 weirdnesses! Sheesh. Those inner voices need to shush...I'm trying to work here! ;-)

Love you tons!

Peni said...

Wow! And DOUBLE WOW!!! But didn't that "sign" finish up beautifully.

As for weirdness...I love every little weird thing about you. I'm surprised you didn't inherit way more than seven. :)


teelduo said...

The quilt is just beautiful, but I expected to see nothing less.

snicker at Bill finding all those weird things about you. I am thinking we can find way more weird things about him. LOL

teelduo said...

oh and I don't need a real picture posted. The one in my head is plenty funny enough. giggle OXOX

julieQ said...

Thank you for sharing about you! I love your quilt, very pretty.

cher said...

my brother doesn't eat veggies either-what is up with that? the quilt is fabulous! and it's fun to know a bit more about you-though I hardly think they are all that out there. really