Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mission accomplished!!

I finished the blocks for this quilt(BQ Quilt by Debbie Bowles-Maple Island Quilts) a couple weeks ago, but I've just been too busy to get them all joined together. Made it a goal of mine yesterday, and I stuck to it until it was all done. I like this quilt, for several reasons.

  1. It was fast.
  2. It was painless- the only matching points are between the 18" blocks.
  3. I think it'll look really cool on a bed
  4. and there are no borders. I didn't realize how sick I was of doing borders until I made this quilt. I had the choice of making 10 more blocks or putting borders on and I choose the 10 more blocks. I did mention how easy they were, didn't I? I love a quilt without borders. Just simple and when you're done, you're done. You don't have to spend several more sew days making the borders. That's very refreshing!

I couldn't get the whole quilt in the picture, not enough floor to arm-reach ratio! (My sewing buddy is down there at the end of the quilt putting a puzzle together. He's good company.) I can't wait to get this quilted up and on the bed- but it might not be any time soon, because...

Guys, am I the only one with tubs of unquilted quilts? Last count, I had four BIG tubs. Figure I have somewhere around 35 quilts. Conservatively. None are for clients. It's starting to sound like a sickness or an obsession, ain't it? They just seem to materialize a lot faster than the quilting gets done. I don't know why that is. I can, and do, certainly quilt faster than I piece. I have been faithfully chipping away at that pile... but it sure doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!! This is the only quilt that I have made this year- well, yes, I have been finishing a lot of quilts, but I have been trying very hard not to start anything new. This one quilt was a little slip back, but really, it's just one quilt, right? And I did finish it. I think I need to get me a calender and make appointments with quilts and that way I'lll be able to see some measurable progress. Doesn't sound like as much fun as just noodling, though. Bummer!


Sarah N. said...

I love the quilt! I love how you used different fabrics for the outside of the open squares. You know I am talking about.

My goal for this summer is to get lots of tops quilted. I don't quite have 4 containers full, but I have got probably 10 tops sitting here.

Love you!


Peni said...

I'm sure I'm to blame for some of the overage in those tubs....maybe you should just do your own for a while....

Love this one. You're right, I need to try it...but you know where it will end up ... poor baby.


McIrish Annie said...

I think piecing is a bit more fun than quilting. I love picking the pattern, then the fabric and then putting the blocks together to see what it will look like.

I do like quilting because then you have an actual finished product (oops forgot about the binding!)

this looks like a great one and I love the "no borders" idea!

JudyL said...

I love the quilt - especially your colors. Yep, we all have those tops waiting to be quilted.

Merrie Cuylter said...

Hello! I was just going though the Quilt Mavericks sites and thought I'd say hi! I just got a long arm, myself, and found that I'm putting my own projects on hold while I work on other people's! Love the green & blue quilt on the machine--very springy!