Friday, April 25, 2008

The outsides match my insides!!!

I walked back out to the quilting room after a baking break and noticed that the Spring grass matches the quilt on my machine. How cool is that? Just one of the many perks in our line of...entertainment. Eye candy everywhere! I am lovin' this quilt! I gave my Mom the vintage "splatter" fabric(Sarah, do you remember us pulling that out of one of your Grandma's bags?- No, you can't have it back now- you were not kind in your verbal assessment of it's charm!) Sarah thought it was hideous and so of course, I had to love it. Somebody had to! And now, didn't that whip into just a really cool quilt? Mom did a great job. The pattern is from the "Coffee Time" book. Love that book. I'm about 1/3 of the way done with it. Wouldn't it be interesting if our outsides matched our insides- just for one day? I don't think we could handle it for much longer! So be sweet and kind on the inside and everyone will see you as a beautiful person. And that's a fact.


I love the way quilting gives texture to a quilt! It just gets so yummy I could eat it! Almost. This is a pantograph called... double plumes, I think. I love it! And I'm using lime green thread. Lovin' that. I'm just way tickled with this little project and it isn't even mine! I was telling my Mom, just today, that by not taking in a few client quilts every month, I seem to be getting a whole lot more done. Might be just mental- and with me, it likely is- but it is so nice and refreshing to go out there and just play for my Mom! Then I get to thinking all about her- don't you do that when you are making a quilt for someone? It's like you can't seperate the deed from the person. I wonder if all those loving thoughts get trapped inside a quilt and that's why they are so cherished? Well, ain't that a metaphysical thought for a practical gal like me? And since I'm making personal applications... I was thinking about stretch marks and wrinkles... just texturing, really. And how flat and boring things would be without a little texture!! So love those wrinkles and embrace those textures! It gives you a much more interesting look!


Josie said...

Wow beautiful work! I love the color combination, so pretty. :)

Peni said...

I love the way you "play for me..." ... now you would know about kind and sweet insides, too. And that's a fact! XOXO Mama

Sarah N. said...

Those are pretty deep thoughts for a Friday night!

I was just digging through my stash today, packing up a box of stuff for your mama, and came across several fabrics that came from my Mimi. I wish we could have sewn together, even just once! Glad your mama is putting some "uglies" to good use!

Miss you and love you. We might have to have a quilt machine play date while you are here - so you can show me some of your tricks!

Talk to you soon.

Darcie said...

I too find myself thinking of the quilt's owner quite a great deal while quilting their quilt. But you've put my thoughts into such eloquent words!

Hmm...stretch marks and wrinkles. They're lovely on a quilt! Elsewhere?...I'm not so sure! ;-)

Bushels of hugs to you, sweet Nines! Enjoy your sights and sounds!