Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shop Hoppin' Happy!!!
Boy, did I ever have a blast, today!!
  1. First, Sarah, are you sure you don't want to come up here this summer? I found three very cool quilt shops, not to mention and entire crafty village... just a thought.
  2. But WOW! I had a great time. Can't ya tell from that stupid grin on my face? This is outside the door of the Country Quilt Barn in Rushville, IN. It was very quaint, the owner especially friendly, and she was clever to top it all off. See those bags I'm holding? those are her shopping bags and ya get one when you buy something. I tried to weasle two of them out of her so I bought two items, but alas, it doesn't work that way... I bet if I bought too much to fit into one bag, I'd get another... Now that's just dangerous talk around a quilt shop, 'cause ya know I could do it! It smelled lovely in there- leftovers of a cold winter and a wood burning stove. I was working with some of the fabs, just this evening and it smells like Grandfather's house. the girls said so. Oh, back to the bags. She says that she just whips them up with the serger from scraps that people give her- she said you'd be surprised at how many people just want to get rid of their old fabric. The blue bag is Sandy's and the pink and orange bag is mine!
  3. Sandy, bless her heart invited me to go shopping with her. We had two meals out- just to let ya know we were gone all day! I LOVE Indiana. I've lived here for years, but I just love it! The drive was beautiful!! Spring is here and the redbud and tulips are all out. Just lovely!
  4. We stopped at three shops- two in Rushville,IN (Country Quilt Barn and In Stitches) and one in Liberty,IN (Pohlar Fabrics.- this will be the first stop on the next trip 'cause I was running low on funds by the time I got there! Slowed me down just a tad!) They each had a personality all their own and had quite a bit of stuff left behind despite the fact that two of them were showing in Paducah- shows how out of the loop I am these days from local mainstream quilting!
  5. I bought too much. Sandy says if we go more often, then we won't go just hog wild crazy and we'd actually spend less... well that's her theory and who am I to fuss with an older and wiser gal? I got several pieces of black and creams to go in my feedsack quilt- as background. I bought somebody a couple fat quarters that were just screamin' her name. I bought a sweet red repro- I'll try to post a picture, tomorrow. I already made it into a little table topper(got the pattern, too)- might have been a table runner... but the pattern was tedious- fun, but I don't know that I want to do it again and again... And I bought some other repro fat quarters that I just liked. A collection, if you will. Oh and I got a great deal on Auntie Anne's Repro's- 16 fat quarters of her "Goin' travelin"for only $16!!
  6. I met a couple of the sweetest widow ladies... I just wanted to take them home with me! Don't ya just love meeting new people. That is such a regret of mine- not having enough time, energy, memory to keep up with all the wonderful people in this world!

Thunderstorm is headed in and I have to cut it short! Talk to ya soon!


Peni said...

You're lookin great, girlie girl. XOXOXO

Darcie said...

That's not a stupid grin!!! Your excitement is written all over your face! And my oh my, do your daughters ever look like their beautiful Mom! They're lucky little ladies.

So glad that you took us *along* on your trip. Your story is the next best thing to being with you. Sounds like a pretty grand thing to get Spring shakin' in IN!

Love you bunches!

PS. C-ute capris! ;-)

Karen said...

That's the cutest picture of you!! You're killing me, I love Indiana so much and I'm not THERE!!