Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sewing days...

Sewing daze... oh, well, either way, it works for me!
I have been such a good girl, lately. You don't have to look so shocked! I have been chipping away at the tubs full of quilt tops- getting a few quilted, getting the backings and bindings made. Finishing projects. Being a responsible little quilter. I finally had enough.
I dug out some fabric that had been given to me- I've had it for a couple months- and been drooling over it for that long. Decided that I'd try that new BQ quilt pattern- I figure any quilt pattern that has a 12.5" peice within a 18.5" block... well, it will go fast for sure. Then I'll go back to the grindstone. So this way I can exercise some creative juices without the time commitment of a more challenging project- I have enough of those in bins in my cupboards! Sarah R. gave me the fabric- actually, she gave Sandy the fabric and Sandy took it to help Sarah clear out an excess of stash- to make room for more, no doubt, but thought the last thing she needed was another oriental... So I got it! woo-hoo!!! 8 yards of luscious mums! The rest I am making scrappy- the pattern lends itself to that even if the directions don't. All gleaned from my stash and so I feel that I am not actually being a complete brat... well, that's what I tell myself.
Sarah is gonna be a bit shocked with the end result of my play time with her cast off fabric. See, Sarah likes to buy lines of fabric. She sees a pattern, and she is on the hunt to match the identical fabs. Curious, huh? I hate doing that, but it's what she enjoys. Plus, she never mixes fabric types. This quilt has Asian, calico, batiks(of course) and even my three most treasured fat quarters of Darcie's hand-dyes- which are very organic looking. And I think it is coming out just yummy. I love just taking what I have on hand and making it work. In about 3 hours, I had the whole thing cut out and about half way sewn up. A queen size.
Can I talk about the iron, please? How cool is that? Donna got me that new Rowenta. I usually buy a cheapy iron, 'cause, to be honest, I am death to an iron. A veritable black pox to anything hot and sealed with water inside. I don't mean to be... I just have this bad habit of backing into the ironing board and oops! off it goes onto the wood floor and it now has a waterfall feature! If DH is buying a new iron for me, he always gets the ones with the automatic shut off- he has this bad dream... I find that particular feature a little annoying while quilting, cause you know how it can take longer than 5 minutes to get back to the ironing board. But I just have to remember to tip the iron from time to time. This new iron is sooooo cool. yeah, you're on to me now. It's obvious why I was so happy to iron Donna's sewing project for her, huh? That iron just glides along the fabric. Sweet! And the steam!!! I just make sure that I am leaning over the project and I get an instant facial!! My skin's never been so soft! I have to wear my contacts when I am out there, else my glasses steam up and I'm blinded for a minute! And I have to refresh my straightening efforts with my hair or I'm all ringlets in no time! I think I am gonna head back out there and finish that "little" project up! Hope everybody gets some misbehaving in, today!


Sarah N. said...

You are not allowed to have another friend named Sarah!

Miss you and love you!

Peni said...

Your mama has never once thought of you or called you a brat...unless she slipped once and did it in JEST! XOXOXOXO

I love seeing those creative juices flooding overboard. Go for it...it looks quite exciting! When you're good you're good. And YOU'RE SO GOOD, (even when you're "misbehaving":)

Darcie said...

OOOH! How fun...gifts from friends all around!

How sweet that you're using some of my hand dyeds...in a very Octobery looking piece. Can't wait to see it! (I LOVE that light green!)

Enjoy, my sweet friend! Bushels of hugs to you!

Julie said...

I can't wait to see your finished masterpiece. Isn't Spring invigorating? I think I've started 8 or 10 new projects trying to use up some of the bushels of strips & scraps. My own version of Spring cleaning. Hope you are enjoying the season, too, out there on the prairie.

Isobel said...

Fabric looks yummy. I have actually been sewing lately instead of carving. I am almost finished making placemats of the floral print I used to make pillows for my living room.(pleonast) I haven't bound the quilt you sent back yet but I spread it on the bed in the guest toom and I just love it. The quilting with orange was perfect.

Laura said...

The mums are gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you come up with.