Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Windy days in quilt land...

My ghostly curtains kept getting in my way! Why would I draw the curtains on what was so obviously a beautiful day? Well see, I got this new pantogragh I've been wanting to try out... can't see the laser pointer when the sun is so bright. So I drew the curtains. That lasted about 10 seconds and finally I just closed the windows. It really wasn't that warm, and I got a little work done- only to be drawn outdoors for some yardwork. Finished the quilt on a cloudy morning. Note to self: Avoid using Guttermann thread on the top and Signature thread on the bottom- lots of tension adjustments and when you're doing a pantograph... well, who knows when you might notice the problem. Now that's a "tension" problem.

My mum blocks are all done and stacked fairly neatly, just waiting for a couple moments to slap them all together. I'm likin' it! I finished this quilt here for my Mom. And I have a quilt hop in a couple days- looking for some grays that will look good with feedsack. Happy quilting!


Peni said...

Wish I could be there - standing in front of the curtains to keep them outa your way!!! XOXO

Darcie said...

I love it! Now if that couldn't be a scene from a movie named...perhaps..."A Day in the Life of an American Quilter"...I don't know what could be!

Love you bunches!!!