Saturday, May 03, 2008

Now see? It's not that bad...

Sarah and I stopped in at an antique shop the last time she was in town, two years ago- wow, how time flies. As usual, we were looking for quilty things. I found this quilt top and thought, "Hey, the price is right!" It was $3.50. I added the outer borders from my vintage stash- used every single inch I had. I think the vintage fab came from more of Sarah's grandma's closets. Those were some cool closets... I wish I'd had some interesting pink in my stash, but sorry, no dice. I think this quilt is what the magazines refer to as "naive." I haven't got a problem with naive. Kinda like it actually. What makes it naive? Well, there are rules- just general guidelines, to my way of thinking. Things that folks have learned look good to most people. Just a couple in particular that might apply to this quilt:
  1. The sashing should frame the entire top- not just end on the inside of the blocks, at the end of each row. In this doesn't bother me.
  2. If you're a beginner quilter, ya might want to consider cornerstones. It might seem more difficult, but it really will help to line up all that sashing so that your rows are straight in both directions- tilt your head and take a gander at the close-up. Most horizontal blocks are almost one inch off the straight line. Still, doesn't bother me.
  3. Dimension is important- if your quilt is four feet wide, it should probably be less than 8 feet long. But maybe a tall, skinny person will find it a perfect fit!

And yet... you know me, don't you? I couldn't care less about rules when I just like something. And I liked this quilt from the moment I saw it. Some of it's good qualities are:

  1. The colors are very cheerful and mid-century modern. Love that.
  2. That brown- who would have thought to put it with that pink and blue combo? But I just fell in love with the quilter when I saw how carefully she cut the brown half-square triangles right on the same line of flowers. Isn't that too sweet? And no easy feat in the days before rotary cutting! It's one of those imitation colonial designs that's just funky and fun.
  3. It was $3.50!! The border fabric that I added was free- as was the pink sheet my Aunt June gave me that I backed it with. I might have paid $5 for the batting and I have a quilt for under $10. And doesn't it look charming on a bed?

So... I think even Sarah will agree. It's really not bad at all.


Donna said...

I really liked that quilt top when I saw it last time I was there. I guess I'm just partial to pinks and browns together...even if you throw in that blue. Glad you got it all done. It looks beautiful. And interesting. Interesting is good for extra points...

Sarah N. said...

First of all - is that the dear Ms. Donna's comment up above mine? Is she lurking on our blogs over here now?

Anyway - it was just last summer that I was there - not even a year ago! Do you miss me that bad?

How do you think our five children will do being dragged around to antique stores and quilt stores when you come?

Still trying to ease the flappiness in on the quilt. The next row was just as bad. I think I am pushing the fullness down the quilt instead of easing it in!

Enjoyed our talk yesterday! Love you!


Lindah said...

That's a nice quilt. Cozy. I rather like that it doesn't have sashing on the outside edges. You know, as in not all quilts need borders. The uneven rows are so consistent that they add life to the design. AND your quilting adds a beautiful, soft elegance. Nice quilt, I say.

Darcie said...

That is the most cheerful quilt I've seen in a long while! It reminds me of cotton candy.

Remember eating cotton candy off of the stick? And if you'd eat too much from just one side...the cotton candy on the other side would start falling...and you'd just have to mush your face into it or holler to every friend to come help you...quick?! Hey...your quilt has cotton candy sashing! ;-)

Love you observations about naive quilting. I do believe I'm probably a naive quilt-er! ;-)

Love you bunches!

Peni said...

I might be a naive quilter, too. Sometimes Nines has to what were you doing with this...color? placement? To which the last time I answered I was playing get by with a lot of stuff by playing grandma.:)

Like the quilt a is very sweet and familiarly different.

Like you, too, btw.

YankeeQuilter said...

Like the quilt observations. I think the quilt looks wonderful. Homemade is not supposed to be perfect!