Friday, May 02, 2008


Most of you know that my husband works for Habitat for Humanity and he manages a store that sells used and discarded home-improvement items- like kitchen sinks and cabinets- all perfectly good, just needing a new home. He even sells toilets- and they can't sell old toilets as toilets- 'cause they aren't water-conservation approved. So they are sold as "flower pots with bowls." I have been trying my best to finaggle a green one- really cool art-deco design to it- for my flower garden. Honest, it would look super-nifty with some vinca overhanging the bowl and lots of dianthus and alysum... he's not buying it either. sigh. But I figure my yard is a mess, anyway- what difference would a toilet make?? Hey, I already have a bathroom sink! Been trying to get that thing off to the rehab store for a while, now. Maybe he'll trade me. If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.

This sweet little block has been salvaged from the rubbish bin. I found it at the Chicago quilt show, a couple years ago. One of the vendors had a tub full of old orphan blocks. I picked out this one and two maple leaf ones- for about $2 each. They were very cool, but I'm thinkin' probably no one has a call for a purple house... whatcha know?! My friend Audrey and her husband just bought an old house- their first, and guess what color their toilet, sinks and tub are??? Yep, just that same shade of purple. Maybe it's lilac. Anyway, they plan on keeping the old- 'cause it works just fine and the tiles in there match exactly... yeah, I wish I had that purple toilet in my yard! Busted! But anyway, I added a little border of Auntie grace repro and even hand-quilted it. Well, it was just such a small project and I couldn't imagine machine quilting it! I used Dream Angel batting in it and so it was a breeze- not too boring, but I shouldn't think that I'll being doing that again, any time soon. So somebody made a littlehouse block back in 1930 and now it's hanging on somebody's wall. Ain't that cool?


Sarah N. said...

I have been forcing myself to quilt on the pink and brown quilt today. Got three passes done so far. Probably about 4 or 5 to go. I need to order some more bobbins. Wish you were here to keep me company!

Did you get to sew today?

Love you!

Darcie said...

Cool it is, indeed! And cooler yet that they've actually got biffy wares to go with your quilt! Probably all "born" about the same era, hmm?

How 'bout asking Bill if nobody has picked up that Art Deco "twoillette" by Mother's Day...that's 'zactly what you're wanting?! Or better yet...have his children beg him to get it for their amazing Mom!

Love you bushels!

Cathi said...

I have three old sinks in my yard...a white pedestal, a lavender pedestal and a turquoise bathroom sink. Love 'em.

Purple Pam said...

The purple house block is darling. The purple bathroom fixtues would be perfect in my house, since I love PURPLE! What lucky folks to have those items.