Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have a playdate with my friend, Sandy. We're meeting for breakfast and then we are going to a quiltshop and finally back to her house to sew for a while. Doesn't that sound just lovely? I love starting my running days early. Seems like you can get a bit more into the day. And speaking of loverly... Aren't these fabrics fabulous? I'm starting a new line in my stash- the Light and Airy Collection! Yes, there are a couple down on the left end that are a little more on the Dark and Earthy side, but I'm not having a total personality transplant, ya know! I got a great deal on these- I didn't pay more than $4 a yard for any of them. And they are very nice quality. Well, if I'm gonna get to my morning cup of tea on time, I gotta run! Hope you all can squeeze some sewing into your day!


Peni said...

Speaking of earthy, my crumbs are all dark and earthy...must be I need to think about a light and airy stash, too. I can't find much red, either...I think I didn't keep the crumbs from Oe's cabin.

Have a wonderful jaunt. If I were there I'd make tomato dumplings for the 'kids' breakfast. I've never made tomato dumplings, so I need to give it a try. Well, on second thought, maybe I should try with a smaller pot:)

Crmb silly, mama

Quilt Pixie said...

hope the new stash lightens the feel of the collection some :-)