Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What shall I post about, today?
Well, it is my Papa's birthday. He's 65. And official senior citizen. How cool is that? My Mom was talking about how neither of them expected him to make it this far- and I thought that was a bit morbid, but sadly true. He had his first heart attack at 47. So he has plowed through a lot of difficulties to get here, and a tougher man, you'll never meet. Makes Clint Eastwood look like a sissy. Funny thing about him though, he's a real renaissance man. Guess what his favorite movies are? Jane Eyre and Anne of Green Gables- he's got a very sentimental heart. I've never heard him raise his voice in anger- oh, yeah, I've heard him raise his voice in excitement, that's what this familiy does, we get excited and we start talking really, really loud. You guys know how the littlest things fascinate me... it's safe to say, I got that from him. He knows lots of stuff and still he is constantly investigating a whole lot more. There's not much he can't fix, and he's even got a real talent for helping you fix it while talking to you on the phone! My refrigerator and clothes washer are still chugging right along, thanks to him and Ma Bell.
He does have a little defect, and I wouldn't be fair in portraying him to you if I didn't make mention of it. He likes to write letters. How is that a problem? Well, it's not- when he is writing you a letter and he's telling you how much he loves you and how proud he is of you and how he wants you to keep loving God, putting Him first, and raising His grandchildren in that faith... but if you are the president of the United States or the Governor of West Virginia... well, I am sure my Papa is on some sort of list that I don't even want to know exists. He is a straight shooter and he'll let you know when he thinks you are messing up or if something is messed up that you should know about. I'm pretty sure they have a task force assigned to him. "Got another letter from Wayne ______"... can't mention his last name 'cause that might get me on "the list" and I work real hard at layin' low. So Happy Birthday Papa!! May you have many more!
(Flower: Star of David- I didn't even notice that little bit of fabric matched exactly until I saw the picture on this screen. These flowers are bulbs and grow all in our grass here. They only open when the sun is shining.- just a little more information for Papa.)


Isobel said...

Your Papa and I share a love of Louis L'amour's books. He kept telling me about them and I bought a couple of extra books the library next door was selling. Thought I would send them to your dad if he didn't have them. Thought I should read one to see if I liked it and one was all it took to get me hooked. I have read all the library has...some twice.

Peni said...

That is so sweet of my little girl to make such kind comments about me. I am very thankful that I have been allowed to see so many of her precious children and have an influence in their lives for good. What a blessing to have such a worderful daughter! How blessed can a man be?!

Peni said...

Papa got a new face up there! Thanks for the true tribute, Nines. You made his day!

P.S. I really was trying to sound more grateful than morbid. :)

Love you, sweet girl! Mama

Candace said...

Your dad sounds like the best. My dad was the best too, and had a lot of those attributes, so I found your tribute especially heartwarming. My father and I also read Louis Lamour. Thank you for the memories, and you and your dad are very lucky to have each other (and your mom, too).

Darcie said...

Louis L'amour!!! Did you know that he grew up in Jamestown, ND? Same town that my sister's quilt store is located?!? That's too cool that your Dad's a fan!!!


Nines...your flowers are delightful! So bright and light-like. I suppose Farmer Todd would consider them a weed if they were growing around here...but he does admit that everything's got a purpose.

Love you basketfuls!