Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Progress report...

I had an easy time finding what I was looking for at the fabric store, yesterday. I don't know why that is, but when I decide to make a soldier quilt, things fall into place very easily. No dithering on whether this is the right shade or if I have enough contrast, too feminine, too masculine, too stupid... nope. It all just works out very smoothly.

I am supposed to be working on a secret project- and you should see the distress I am in over a stupid little three-color combination! Now, true, it is for someone else that I don't know all that well. Then it has to suit her and not me... and trying to think like someone else... well, it can be a trial, that's all. And I get all overwhelmed at the LQS and pick something out that might not even work at all. See? It's a problem. My friend Sandy says you should just do what you like and hope they're not picky... I suppose I see her point. I'm trying for the middle ground- something I like but think she will, too. Maybe it's all too much thinking!

The soldier's quilt is going along smoothly. I bought all my fabric, yesterday morning. I found three out of the five I needed at Hobby Lobby and bought the last fabric and the backing at Joann's. So there shouldn't be anything to keep me from finishing it, except pure orneriness. And that should be sufficiently squelched as it's all for a good cause.

The three youngest children decided they wouldn't mind hanging out with me and I enjoyed their company. Makes me feel very young when I have my youngest children out with me! I took them for a quick lunch before heading home. There was a baby in a carseat who was jabbering really loudly- you know how 6 month olds are- they are just discovering their vocal chords. Abe couldn't see the baby, but he could hear her. Next thing I know, he is hollering as loudly as he can, "Is that baby alright?!!!!" We all busted out laughing! I guess he was worried. He got an invitation to check on her, himself. Then he settled down to eating his taco.

I had the quilt cut out in 15 minutes- I love my quick-cut ruler! And I had all my blocks sewn up in about 2 hours and now all I have to do is join them together! woohoo! A very easy pattern. Better get to it. I have a day wide-open, as violin lessons were postponed until tomorrow. Jacob had some help slamming his finger in the van door- hoping another day of resting it will help with the soreness. Have a great day!


Darcie said...

Aw...poor Jacob! That's gotta be one of the worst finger injuries, ever! Hope he's better.

I had to giggle out loud over Abe's exclamation! Too cute! Suppose he's ever heard that said about him before? ;-)

Yesterday, I just received my first two AmHero quilts to machine quilt...and boy, does that give me an unexplainably good feeling inside. I haven't started them yet...haven't even opened them...but I can hardly wait. To be such a small part of something so big...gives me good shivers!

Love you tons!

Darcie said...

...forgot to ask...do you use the June Taylor quick cut ruler, too?!? That's the ONE thing that I swear by!!! Well...besides the cutter, the ruler, the sewing machine.... Well anyway...it's a well-used and well-deserved investment in my book!


Sarah N. said...

I am considering that very same pattern for a baby quilt I need to make. Just found out Sunday that yet another person at church is pregnant. We are a very fertile group - just not me!

I think I have that blue paisley fabric. I know I got it at Hobby Lobby. I was there yesterday looking for 30's fabrics - of which they had only three. And two of those were the same print - just different colors. Ordered a few more online last night.

Mom brought me a "new" machine to mess with. She got it from Grandma. It is a Singer Style-o-matic. I guess I will be stylin' if I use it!

Love you and miss you!

Mama Koch said...

Really like the patriotic pattern.

What is this quick-cut ruler?

Aren't children wonderful!

teelduo said...


Libby said...

Making soldier quilts is such fun and very satisfying, too. I haven't made one in some months . . . maybe I should do that REAL soon *s*

Bingo~Bonnie said...

ooough, a soldier quilt! I just love RWB quilts and your fabrics are perfect together. Will that flag fabric be a boarder or the backing?

Can't wait to see how these blocks go together. ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie