Wednesday, May 21, 2008

middle of the week. And I am already tired. Not a good sign. I made a deal with myself that I would spend at least a portion of the day in bed. I just have so many things to do... but getting over a sinus infection tops the list, so I rented me a big ole stack of movies and as soon as I tote the kids to and fro from violin and piano lessons, it's the bed for me! So why are you staring at the back of my head? Daniel took a picture of my new locks so my friend Donna could see what I had done. Yes, I have bedhead, but I promise I have not been spending too much time there!
I got the rows of my soldier quilt sewn and now I just need to join them together. And put the borders on. And quilt it, and bind it.... so many steps to get to the done stage! Hope everyone can sqeeze in some resting time.


Peni said...

I like the lights ... in your hair and in your soul.

Hope you get lots of rest that makes lots of difference!


Sarah N. said...

Are you going blonde on me now?

Miss you! Feel better soon!

teelduo said...

I was gonna say what Sarah did. ROFL

looks cute. But where's your face?! oxoxox

Darcie said...

And my first (smart aleck) remark would have been "why you lookin' at your wall?!" ( is a pretty wall arrangement!) ;-)

Pretty, pretty! I love your hair! You're all ready for Sum-sum-summertime!

Is that a quilted backpack you're "wearing?"

Love you heaps! Take care of yourself...and don't forget the popcorn!

quiltygal said...

Ok all of the above looks great nice tones