Saturday, July 05, 2008

Goings on...
Things I've been doing...
  1. Crocheting. I've finished a doily and I am almost finished with another. Then I started a sweater- a first and with no pattern, I'm not sure it will work out wearable. The yarn is wonderfully soft and called "denim ombre" It'll look great with jeans. It's a nice change from the tiny little doily hook- i'm using a honkin' huge K hook.
  2. I've been acquiring red and white fabrics for a redwork quilt. Sandy has been doing the embrioidery on the machine for me and I plan on piecing little borders for the squares. Some of these fabrics came all the way from Oregon.
  3. My parents visited. the mower is running- along with a couple weed whackers. that's a very good thing. My dishwasher never ran so good as it does now. All thanks to my Dad. the garden is tilled and looking very healthy. New green beans are planted- for the third time. Hopefully third time is a winner. My Mom did laundry and laundry and more laundry. Welcome to my world.
  4. We had a 4th of July picnic at my Sis in law's. I made a cherry cobbler- big shocker, I know. But no one else made cherry anything and I was surprised by that. The cobbler was a huge hit and disappeared in no time. I also made baked beans and potato salad- 'cause it was a picnic, right? And 5 gallons of lemonade. My oldest set a big fireworks display in the front yard and we had a singing. It was a grand day.
  5. Today, I'm tired. Imagine that? So I crochet a little and "rest my eyes" a little. Read a little. Rest my eyes a little more. You get the picture. I might get up some gumption and go sew a little, but don't hold your breath.


Julie said...

Happy Holiday, Nines. That red quilt is gonna be so cute. Is it for somebody special?

I know what you mean by resting your eyes. My Great Aunti Elsie, who taught me to crochet, almost went blind making a crocheted tablecloth, You could barely see the hook on the crochet needle she used. I'm going to make some of Finn's rag rugs but my hook is one of those honkin' K ones. Hope the sweater works out!

Sarah N. said...

I was beginning to think you had disappeared! The redwork quilt is going to be very cute - but so not you! I am used to you making batik beautiess and things with hideous fabrics that turn out gorgeous! I bet the cherry cobbler was yummy. Stacy smoked us some ribs and brisket. I too need a nap today. As soon as I get the kids fed - we are headed to bed. Going to see Wall-E tongiht. Miss you and love you!

Quilt Pixie said...

studying the inside of your eyelids is an important part of long weekend activities.... :-)

Darcie said...

I love the K hook!!! It's a good "tween" hook...not too little...not too big. Can't wait to see your are just amazing! I told my Mom about the fabulous doilies that you're making...and that you just learned how to crochet. Know what she said? "That girl is a genius!" Have I not said that before?!? I am my Mother's daughter. ;-)

Love the sounds of you actually resting. Hope you've got a delightful breeze...and the serenade of sweet children in the background. Love you bushels!

Peni said...

I think Darcie's mama is right!

And a bona-fide genius must need extra rest just for her brain.

Worked on crumb blocks and set my first reproduction block, go see.

Hope that lovely IN wind is keeping the muggies away. XOXOXOXO

Merrie Quilter said...

Wanna send your dad over here? My dishwasher's not draining properly... Beautiful redwork quilt! Can't wait to see more of it!
Hope you had a happy 4th.
Karen O