Monday, July 07, 2008

Must be in a Red mood...
what do'ya think? Mom and I have been having an high ole time makin' doilies. It's like a game I play. See, my friend, Sandy, lets me borrow her Crochet Magic magazines and I copy out the easy doily patterns. But then I return her magazines... and I am left with the patterns, but no picture... see? Like a game, picking out the doily, not knowing what the end result is gonna be. This one is for my son's sweetheart. She'll like the deep red color.
I'm diggin' on Joss Stone these days. Good R&B tunes. Bought all three cds. My fridge died. Quietly in it's sleep. I don't see why it couldn't have breathed it's last while my Dad was here- an air refrigeration specialist, that he is. Must have been having mercy on the poor man. I bought an old one from Bill's store. A frig not a poor man. Much smaller than mine. The frig, not the man. I think we all need to learn to scale down during these difficult economic times. But 10 people sharing a moderately sized refrigerator... it ain't gonna be pretty. And I just bought some more wild salmon... maybe there's room in the outside freezer. And no icemaker or water dispenser. I am such a spoiled brat.
I did sew some the other day. It's a secret project, so no pictures. Which is a good thing as I was on Benedryl while I pieced it... not a point on it to my satisfaction. I kept thinking I shouldn't be peicing while woozy- but I couldn't seem to help myself. It wasn't like there was a warning, "Do not operate sewing machine while taking this medication." I think I will put a label on it that says, "It'll all quilt out." And it most likely will.


Sarah N. said...

I couldn't sleep last night so i was up sewing until about 2 a.m. - and I kept thinking "I am going to sew through my finger!" Was trying to get a emergency baby quilt done to get mailed off ASAP. Bought a backing today so maybe I can quilt it tomorrow.

The doilies are amazing. How do you have the patience?

Sorry about the fridge. Mom and Dad's fridge died about a year ago on the day after our Christmas dinner - we were all distraught about the loss of all the leftovers!

So what are your travel plans?

Darcie said...
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Darcie said...

lol You are so funny! Love your fridge/man story!!! Dads could stick around forever, couldn't they! We'd for certain keep their minds and hands merry. All would be happy.

The doily is fantastic! What a precious gift to receive from your sweetheart's Mom. Gives me tears. I remember once that you were concerned about the kind of MIL (not saying you will be soon...just go with me on this) that you would be to your sons' wives. Stop worrying. Please. You'll be the best!

LOVE Joss Stone!!! YouTube her and Leann Rimes. They were on CMT Crossroads. And you'll notice...she's always barefoot!

Peni said...

My new mantra -- it'll all quilt out. I believe it!

Donna said...

your son's sweetheart's mother thinks the doily is just lovely. I know she'll LOVE it. And really that is because it's from you.