Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My corner of the world...

welcomes you. My Mom took this picture while she was here- she bought herself a new camera. This is a very popular space for me, the corner of my couch. And yes, I am "Nines, the human pretzel." I don't know why I have the urge to wrap myself into a knot when I sit down, but that's what I do! Making a pink doily with cream trim- perfect for my friend's new bedroom. Sitting under what Flylady would call a "hot spot." I call it the flaming inferno. That pass-through is where people stash things and it is almost always piled high with...stuff. Things that don't have a home. Typical of almost every horizontal space around here. But see, if I turn my back on it, it doesn't really exist. Yes, my world is a magical place!

Speaking of doilies... Some one asked if I would sell them...hmmm.... I don't know. That might make something I do for the fun of it, more like work. Ya know? But I'm all for sharin' so if you think you need one, let me know. I'll see if I can't crank one out for you. I love making candle mats- small doilies to place under a large candle- like the Yankee ones. This might be doable gift for others. I made several for my friend, Donna- she collects Willow Tree figurines and I thought they'd be sweet under them. These I could probably get done in a timely fashion for other folks. Whatcha think?


Darcie said...

I think I just wanna reach out and give you a big hug!!! You're so cute, all curled up...hooking away. Can't wait to have you in my corner of the world!!!

Are those reading specs you're wearing? What's your strength? (Just asking...humor me....)

Love you tons, you crazy pretzel girl!

Michele said...

I love the corner of the couch for crafting! I sit there as often as possible, all pretzelled up, stitching away on something. Ain't the world a magical place?! Enjoy!

Donna said...

yes, they are perfect for my Willow Tree figurines! They make something special to me even more special!

Whatever you do, keep it fun for you. Don't let anything turn this nice stress-relieving hobby into a stress- producing job! Love you...and your pretzelness

teelduo said...

No job! NO job! ALL FUN ALL FUN ALL FUN!!!

love you OXOX

Julia said...

You look so comfy and relaxed! I sit all tucked up and pretzely too! Don't turn your fun new hobby into a job, then it won't be fun anymore.

I am sending you big hugs and kisses for the notebook cover. I LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Merrie Quilter said...

I don't pretzel, but I sit on one foot, "Like a chicken" as my Dad often says. He'd know--I've never been around chickens much. I don't know how you keep your brood of kids from turning those pretty little doilies into soft frizbees! I'd have them tossed all over the house, hanging from books and shelves and other hot spots.
:) Karen
(By the way, I realized that clicking on my name took people to my "unofficial" & experimental blogs, not the one I post to all the time. I fixed that. Come on by!)