Friday, July 25, 2008

My little clone...

she stood right by my elbow as I crossed my eyes and sewed up this little number. There are 49 teeny tiny pieces in this 3.5" block. Sandy threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to a duel. I don't think she really thought I'd do it! But I've been diggin' tedious things here lately. After one false start, it went very smooth. I also took the easy route and used solid konas- so if I sewed one upside down- who would even know? With the border, it sizes up to 4.5". Paper-pieced, of course. It's an itsy bitty wallhanging for Sandy- she has been very generous with her swimming pool.

...One of my latest doilies. It's called "bramble" and it's my new favorite. I am sending it to my sis, Laurie. Her son is getting married next week and I think the mother of the groom deserves at least one gift, don't you?


Sarah N. said...

My eyes are crossing just looking at that little block. It is very cute though! I agree - I think this is my favorite doily.

My dad has let me borrow his phone headset - so I may test it out on you later.

Love you!

Amanda said...

That is the dinkiest little quilt. I love the hanger too - did you just happen to have it lying around, or did you buy it somewhere?

dot said...

How cute, both the quilt and the little one holding the quilt. I have never tried such a small quilt. I am sure it will be treasured.

Quilt Pixie said...

49 pieces in 3.5 square inches that averages to each piece being a 1/4 inch total surface area!!! even paper piecing I swear you're crazy - or at least crosseyed :-) It is lovely, but completley and utterly insane.

Julia said...

How cute is she!!!!!!!! That angelic face just warms my heart!

I really like this little wall hanging, but I think that I would have to make it a bit bigger. :~) Your insane girl! lol

Oooo, I love this doily. It reminds me more of the ones that my Mom used to make. I showed her the one from her thread and she was very touched to know that her old thread has found such a warm and wonderful home. She was impressed with your crocheting prowess too!

Darcie said...

"Hey the camo and pink tank top. Shows off your summer tan quite nicely!" ;-)

That is the sweetest little paper pieced project ever! What a match you and Sandy make!

Oh my my my! Laurie's a very lucky mother-of-the-groom. She's got the sweetest most talented sister ever. "Bramble" is gorgeous!

Are you blocking these lacy wonders? You'll have to show me how to do that too, ya know! You're working with a pretty slow study.... ;-)

Hugs to you this fine day, my sweet friend!!!

teelduo said...

Amazing. I would love to see that in person. I am sure it would blow me away even more.

That's an awful sweet clone. love you sis. OXOX