Monday, July 14, 2008

"With blackest moss the flower pots were thickly crusted one and all."
Who can guess where that quote comes from?
I made this little improvisational piece(thanks to the Hedgehog) a while back and I even quilted it, but then I wasn't sure I liked it... so it stewed a while in the cupboard... it's more appealing to me now- that, and I added the buttons. And I just used some binding scraps. Felt good to be sewing, again. This was my first attempt at "light and airy." The pots are my favorite part of the whole thing- and they are NOT light and airy. But it was a fun little thing to do. And it looks right smart on my quilting room wall- though it might move to over the kitchen door. I think I'm gonna go out to the quilting room and see what trouble I can get into. You all have a great day.


Darcie said...

You quilting looks absolutely fabulous!!! I'm glad you've gotten it out of the deserves to be displayed on a wall of fame!

Love you basketfuls!

Peni said...

The quote -- "My Fiar Lady" delivered with a mouthful of marbles.

Love you Potfuls.

FabricMom said...

Very cute top. I love the unsquareness of it. Very abstract and adorable.