Saturday, August 16, 2008

Something quilty...
Yeah, I know you're shocked. But I woke up at 3am a few days ago and thought I'd put to good use the time. I quilted and bound this little sweetie and now it sits by my sewing machine- making me smile.
We have been canning garden bounty. 14 quarts of apple pie filling and 6 quarts of tomatoes- just the tip of the iceberg. I have a 5 gallon bucket full of gorgeous striped apples- an antique Braeburn variety. Haven't found a worm yet. Amazing. And 3 gallons of tomatoes. My sweet neices have stopped by and given their hands to work and we made very light of it. So nice having good help with the canning- though it is still always tiring. But very satisfying.
I've been working on new pocket papers- trying to see how many I can squeeze in thoughout the day. So I am getting some sit down time in between canners. See? I know how to make the most of a 24 hour day! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend- don't work too hard!


Darcie said...

3 am! A few days ago? You have gotten some sleep since then...haven't you?! ;-)

Your tulip is darling! Did you quilt it with your longarm?

The canning sounds just like home. My Mom used to can and can and can. We had a widow lady neighbor...and we used to share tasks with her and her garden. Good times! You're making sweet memories!

Love you bushels!

Niki said...


Candace said...

It makes me smile, too. Great job. Hope you get some sleep now.

Peni said...

Your little something quilty is very, very sweet. I think I'm ready for some of the same ... but first, to get that book off my plate. Casey is coming tomorrow.:)

Sleep well, sweet angel. )X

FabricMom said...

What a fabulous jem.