Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sorry the picture is blurry- I was just so excited, I'm sure my hands were shaking! That William of mine. What am I going to do with that sweet man? Why, keep him, of course!!!!
I saw this sweet little machine at Wally World the other day when Sandy and I were in town. It was simple- yet had some stitches I've been wanting- like a blanket stitch (I am wanting to try some machine applique.) The price was only $139,which we considered very reasonable, and it has 50 stitches. It's as light as a feather and very compact. It has a drop-in bobbin and a clear cover so you can see when you are getting low on bobbin thread.
So I mentioned to Bill that I found a machine that I wanted and that I was gonna start saving up for it... Shoulda known better. He was late coming home from work last night. We have something of a tradition that when daddy comes home, we all run out to meet him and squeeze his neck. We are just so thankful and happy to have him back in our world. He had a twinkle in his eye and opened the truck door for us to see what he had. The buggerhead. He was pleased that he surprised me and I was pleased that he actually listens to me!! I really did plan on saving up for it, but I have to admit, this was more fun!
I have already sewn a postcard with some of those decorative stitches. And I pieced a block with it- ran very smoothly. I'll probably stick to my oldie machine for piecing- the 1/4 inch seam guide makes it so easy. Guess what I'll be doing, today?
Challenge question: How many sewing machines does Nines have???


Quilt Pixie said...

until you have one for each toe and finger, and hence run out of appendages to count them on your OK :-)

jovaliquilts said...

How wonderful! Your husband is definitely a keeper.:)

Have fun stitching!

dot said...

Lucky girl. I think you have five.

Darcie said...

Lucky girl!!! How fun is that! And I would bet that your Sweet Will loves hearing your giggles of delight whilst purring away with your new stitch factory! Fun, fun, fun!!!

I'm saying 6 machines with your longarm?! But who cares?! You love them all for their differences and each one has a purpose.

Love you heaps!

Julia said...

i think that you will really like machine applique. It is one of my favorites, I really enjoy doing it!

Your man is certainly a sweetheart! :~)

Donna said...

Six is my guess. But since you do "magic" on them, you're allowed as many as you want...

Sarah N. said...

I think Bill is trying to spoil you rotten - but since you are already rotten - that can't be it.

As far as number of machines - I am thinking 7 or 8 including the long arm.

Love you!

Lisa said...

Oh you are so lucky -- what a great guy you have! I am going to guess 9 machines with the long arm.

Isobel said...

When we had the fire here last fall, an electronics company took all of my electronics to clean and test. Well since I had neither studio nor tools to carve I decided to sew but had no sewing machine. DH went with me to the Bernina Dealer and purchased another machine for me. Wouldn't you know the next week, I got my Bernina back and took it to my dealer for a checkup. Had the machine back...all fixed up within another week so the new machine didn't get much use but it is there as a back-up if I ever need it.