Thursday, August 07, 2008

I've been published!

Ok, maybe not. My name isn't even mentioned, but but but...that is MY postcard on the left up there! how cool is that? It's just a little, free magazine that has a few essays of local goings-on. And somehow my postcard wound up in an article about Fabric Art Postcards. Doesn't take much to entertain me, I suppose. It just made me smile.

Here are the latest two doilies... My friend, Teresa, wants the blue one and I think I might keep the taupe's more "me" and it looks mighty fine under one of my oil lamps. I am trying to fit a crocheted snowflake or two in between doilies. I can whip one up in 30 minutes or so. By Dec, I hope to have plenty for my tree. For snowflakes, I mostly pick out doily patterns and only do 5 or 6 rounds. No two are alike and I found some groovy thread- white with a tiny irredescent(sp) thread running through it- so it sparkles.

Quilting-wise...I've been playing with crumb blocks. I really am making a dent in the scrap basket- which is looking like it has the tummy bug and has spewed out it's dinner all over the work table! I bought two nice sheets, today, to use for backings. $3 each and I'm thinking that's a great deal. I might fire up that quilting machine soon- I've been taking a sabatical. Now I need batting, and since I have a coupon... the kids and I might need to take a run to the fab shop. Hope everyone had a great week and are geared up for a fun weekend!


Darcie said...

But sweet friend, your name SHOULDSHOULDSHOULD be attached to that photo!!! I'm really surprised that the publishers did not make the efforts to find this wonderful artist! That is just uncool on their part!!!

Now, climbing off of my've outdone yourself once again with doily making! Perhaps you'll wander over to the thread isle while batting shopping? ;-)

Love you heaps!

Darcie said...

Oh heavens...or maybe you could just forego the swimming...and wander over to the THREAD AISLE!!! Sheesh. Didn't know there were isles awaiting our arrival, did you?! ;-P

Julia said...

How exciting to see you creation in print. Except, I agree with Darcie, your name should be mentioned! Shame on them.

I really like the little taupe one. That blue one is very nice too. Oh heck, I love them both! :~) I just can't believe how much you get done.

teelduo said...

WHY OH WHY wasn't your name on that postcard???? But it is still KEWL!