Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October days...

I love October! The days are cool and fulll of warm sunshine and the nights are nippy and that makes for great snuggling under the quilts! The gardening is a thing of the past and the holidays are far enough away to not throw me into a tizzy. All's calm and sweet.

I have a dining room that is being built- I can hardly wait until it's done, but I am loving the sound of hammering and sawing- all these things mark progress. The dining room will be a monster in size- 17'x28'- now that is big enough for at least 3 dining tables! I'm gonna throw me a bunch of parties! Doesn't that sound like fun?

I have been sewing a lot and making myself scarce around the construction zone- that way, every few hours I can come out and ohhh and ahhh over all their progress!There are walls and windows- still needing a door, but we have it all roofed. Today is quiet, my sweet William is at work, and will be picking up insulation so the boys can make progress without the foreman.

I have quilted another quilt for my bed- even have the binding on already! I'd take a picture of it, but then you'd see my cluttered bedroom...I've quilted a few different projects, actually. Wallhangings and table toppers and such. And then I've been sewing on a few different things- a valance for the livingroom, out of scraps of the pink and black quilt- which I'd take a picture to show you, but then you'd see my dirty windows. What a dilemma... My Aunt Isobel is always asking how I get all this sewing done- well, I'm not washing my windows...or decluttering my bedroom... I will, I will... just not today.


Peni said...

Now doesn't that window looks serene? Glad your time is calm and sweet. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Julia said...

How fun to have a nice, new, BIG dining room! Besides all of the room you will have, you will have some new walls for hanging quilts!!!! :~)

That's the same reason that I am having time to quilt too! Letting the housework slide a bit. Well, except the bathroom and the kitchen, must keep those clean.

September, October, and November, the best 3 months of the year!

Darcie said...

Ah...lovely! It looks like a stained glass window.

There's so much more to life and living than having spotless windows all of the time.

Love you heaps!