Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've been working on my applique- I still am not very good at it, but I kinda enjoy it- in moderation. (I got this "pattern" from an old magazine, McCall's Quilting, April, 2004. Flower Bed by Michelle Scott) I just think it is the sweetest little block- I added some old vintage fabric to the border and even though it's unexpected, I think it still works. I don't think I'll be doing a whole quilt in applique- any time soon. Seems like there are more and more applique patterns in the quilting magazines. Maybe that is the result of the newer, fancy, sewing machines. It is a lot easier than it used to be. I have a queen sized quilt on the frame now, and then I'll be quilting up this sweet baby and another child art quilt. My sweet William bought me 40 yards of cotton batting(my favorite) yesterday. Ahhh... that should tide me over for a while.

Oh, I've been intending to mention my opinion of Warm Co.'s newer batting called Warm and Bond. I wasn't impressed. Stiff stuff- I mean really stiff- I've washed it once and still it's, yep, stiff. I'll not be buying any of that again.

Hope everyone has a grand day. My 5th son has a Birthday, today, so I'll be taking him to lunch and then cooking up a Mexican feast for dinner. Happy 12th birthday John!


Julia said...

Happy Birthday, John!!!!! Have you done any more quilting lately?

I love applique, but it is certainly not a quick project. I love this little wallhanging. I took a class from Kim Diehl, I really like her method of applique.

Darcie said...

Happy happy Birthday, Mr. John!!! Just think...next year, you'll be a TEEN!!!

That's a darling little wallhanging! Very smiley...like Mr. John! ;-) I can hardly believe that the border is "some old vintage fabric." It looks very "today!"

Enjoy your day with your guy and your Mexican feast tonight! Whatcha makin'?!

Libby said...

Cute block . . . the border fabric is a great match to the center!

Happy Birthday to your young'un . . . enjoy that feast*s*

Michele said...

This block is just adorable. Very sweet and cheerful. It looks fabulous.

Happy birthday to John! Is he still enjoying quilting?