Monday, November 10, 2008

Some of our favorite people have come for a visit- all the way from Alabama(Roll Tide!) They always come laden with various goodies for all of us. The girls are all decked out in princess apparrel- feeling very pretty, as you can tell. I got some new pyrex pans- with the fancy lids. I never seem to have enough pans, especially when company comes.
Sewingwise, I've been steadily chugging along on a full size quilt- one of the biggest I have tackled for a while. It is for a large wall in a friend's log cabin. I'll share my progress as soon as there is something to see. I also finished two table runners for my friend Donna- she is having a huge Thanksgiving bash at her house come Sunday. We about have the decorating under our belts. I've finished a doily and am working on a few others.
It's hunting season and my youngest hunting son, Jack(12y) got his first deer on his first day hunting. Time to start filling the freezer. Have a great week!


Julie said...

The girls look so pretty. I've been catching up on your blog since I have been gone a few weeks. I went out & bought some spray starch just like you advised. I am goung to use it on that stretchy homespun fabric.I haven't starched any clothes in a zillion years!

julieQ said...

Very cute girls in their costumes! I too love spray starch, especially on my loose wonders!

Julia said...

Those are two of the most precious princess's that I have ever seen!

Sounds like you have been busy. Company is always so much fun!

Can't wait to see the quilt that you have been working on.

How is the new dining room coming along?

Isobel said...

I saw that deer...tell him I am appropriately impressed.

Darcie said...

Princesses indeed! My girls used to love to dress up and play out scenes from movies or books. Too fun!

Congrats to Mr. Jack! How are the rest of the hunters doing?

Love you, sweet Nines!