Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Post...

Mondays... you know I love them because that is my sweet William's day off. I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked as he is helping a friend build a woodshed. A deluxe model woodshed.

Then we went to the grocery store only to find that Walmart doesn't have any turkeys. ???!!! Is it Thanksgiving this week or not? Found some at Aldi and bought two smaller birds. Butterballs, no less. So I'm all ready for the baking/cooking/eating frenzy that is Thanksgiving on the Prairie. My younger brother and his family plan on coming. Always more fun with extended family to share the the joy of the season.

My sweet daughter-in-law just found out that her mother is now cancer free. It has been a long year. We are all extra thankful this year and praising God for His goodness and care.

A ferret got into my chicken tractor and summarily killed every last one of my chickens. The children were horrified and started to empathaize with that last chicken as she watched her sisters all get the bite... Well, that's one less chore to do this winter. Ya have to look on the bright side.

Not been sewing any. Figure I'll rectify that situation come the morrow. I have a quilt on the frame- a barter job. One quilt, quilted, for two yards of minkee and maybe a batting. Might work on those swirling stars some more. In between batches of fudge. Making batches of fudge, not eating them. Could always make a few more Wonder Wallets. Or get my four blocks for my block exchange doen. Oh! I forgot! I did sew up a little basket, this morning. It was a pattern from and it called for sewing greeting cards together. Well, you know I am not going to do that much hand sewing, so I just stabilized some fabric and sewed it together on the sewing machine. Turned out right cute, if I do say so, myself.


Sarah N. said...

SO thankful for Donna's good news!

My day was spent running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Errands may be the death of me. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning - maybe! company shouldn't be here till late Wednesday afternoon. Our big meal isn't till Saturday - when the rest of the company arrives! Our big Thanksgiving meal together at the park shelter in Muncie just sprung to mind. The girls and Ian were all so little!

Miis you!

teelduo said...

Am I there yet? I am READY!!!! BRING ON THE FOOD, I mean the HUGS! giggle LOVE YOU SIS! OXOX

Julia said...

What wonderful news about Laura's mama! Extra special blessing to be thankful for this year!

Have a wonderful holiday, filled with lots of love and laughter! (((hugs)))

Sarah N. said...

I posted some new quilt pics just for you! Love you!

Darcie said...

I'm just elated for Laurie and her Mom...and all of you wonderful family members who supported her and stood by her! God is good.

No turkey. What is it with people and no turkey? It's Thanksgiving for goodness sake! We are going to in-laws tomorrow...and I've already been notified that there will be NO turkey on the menu. Hmph.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Mrs. Darcie!!! Love you!

KelliLee said...

Maybe ferrets celebrate Thanksgiving too??
What a relief for Joe and Laurie. I have the inside scoop on that one, as you know, and I have been worried for them as well as for her mom.
Don't work too hard whipping up that feast (yeah, right...)
Thanks for the postcard. it's beautiful!!

julieQ said...

I have been cleaning and cooking like a mad fool myself...guess that is just what we do at this time of year. I am sorry for your chickens!!

Isobel said...

I like the basket. I have seen some like it in the quilting shops but never tried making one. I usually just wove a basket when I wanted one.

Finished another table runner. I imagine tomorrow will be spent trying to assemble my new quilting frame. Wish me luck.