Friday, November 20, 2009

What a day!!

Cleaning house... finally. And now I am all weary and tired to the bones. How do people clean houses all day long? Yuck. It's not a bad job with lots of little helpers. I can just think of several other things that I'd rather be doing. Ya know? It isn't altogether clean, but I don't want to be a hypocrite. Having a cleaner house does have it's perks. There is no longer that nervous feeling you get when you know there are some chemistry experiments going on in your own refrigerator. You realize that your light fixtures are clear and not amber. Cobwebs are no longer draping every surface above the 6 foot mark. All good things. Laundry is still piled up and there just does not remain enough time to get it all done. My sweet William suggested I put it in the garage. He sniggered and I rolled my eyes. Do you know how long it would take to get it all in the garage? really, the ignorance of some people. So I guess we will have to circumvent the laundry room. Maybe drape it all with a particularly lovely quilt... Did I forget to mention we are expecting around 50 house guests, tomorrow evening? Won't that be fun? I have my dining room cleared out and folding chairs all strategically set up. Hope everyone fits. We are having a potluck/pitchin/carryin and then we are gonna do a little singing. The acoustics should be good with the 12' ceiling, huh? Alas, the drywall still isn't finished. I had such high hopes... but and however, once the folding chairs are moved out, I figure drywalling will be a cinch. Right? (the beautiful quilt is a gift from our own sweet Darcie- I have quilts hanging on every wall- wonder what the R value is? I think they distract nicely from the splatter of joint compound. Decorating in a construction zone. "What's your decorating style?" "Oh, I'm all for cottage industrial."

The wonderwallets are what I made while I was procrastinating. A friend wants to add them to her stockings for Xmas. I get cell phone bags in exchange.

The following quilt... well, thought it would be good for a giggle. Julie in the barn was lamenting original quilts in blogland. Thought I'd show her a "one of a kind!" It's a round robin of sorts that has grown into a monster. No, stop that. Tilting your head sideways doesn't make it look any better.


Julie in the Barn said...

I love it, Nines! As for the drywall/construction zone decor...when next I post a photo of my flannel design wall, be sure to note the drywall taping strips showing on the bottom. Nine years and counting. And the floor shots?...yes that is plywood subfloor. Also nine years old and waiting for a lovely finish of something beyond the budget.

KelliLee said...

Honest... the first thing I saw was the lighted swag at the window and I thought "How Pretty!!" It actually took me a second to register the drywall spackle. And I actually like the quilt --- but then you know me... off kilter is one of my favorite things!

teelduo said...

But I thought you liked the polka dotted wall look? I still have that going on in my kitchen and the boys' room doesn't even have a bit of mud, it is just plane ole necked drywall. ROFL Love you!

Sarah N. said...

So is the window in the top picture on the opposite wall from the big window in the kitchen? Is there a wall between the kitchen and the dining room? The wallets are cute! The bottom quilt - hmmmm......not sure what to think. What happened?

I found the name of our new bible class curriculum - Our Spiritual Heritage. Today is the all day workshop. 10 to 4. I guess house cleaning will have to wait! Hahaha! Maybe I will have to charge up my phone headset and call you next week while I clean! The kitchen gets cleaned in no time when I am on the phone with you!

Love you and miss you. Have a great weekend. Hope you singing/potluck goes well!


Julia said...

How fun, pot luck and then the joy of singing! Who cares about the walls! I love the little quilt and the lighted swag at the window. The round robin quilt, well not liking it to much. lol Very original and different. :~)

Your mention of the science experiments in the fridge, reminds me that I should probably clean mine out one of these days. But, not right now, I have to much sewing to do! ;~)

Isobel said...

I love it, spackling and all. Looks like a work in progress to me. did you know I was tilting my head. I finally finished a project...check it out.

Darcie said...

But hey...that's what progress on a house looks like, right!

Love what you do while you're supposedly procrastinating! Cute ideas for stocking stuffers.

Love you to pieces, girlfriend! Happy Thanksgiving!!!