Friday, January 22, 2010

Goings on...
Not much point of posting on a friday night- no one is out there, right? But I have a few minutes before my date with sweet William. The top picture is my newest project. I just sewed a bunch of strips together- never enough for an entire block, but I figure by the time I have a dozen blocks formed... it'll not matter a bit that it doesn't all match. Right? I see I have a piece inthe wrong place- gonna have to be careful when I put it together. I always find something out of place once the project is all sewn up- and I am not "into" ripping out. I have put this on the back burner as I am out of little strips- plenty of two inch strips, but I kinda like the randomness in widths.
The second picture is my Xmas gift from my second son, Daniel. I was so touched that he thought of me when he saw this orange piece of dia...dio...melted glass. It is such a weird thing to receive gifts from your children other than the many drawings and wildflowers. (Joe and Laurie got me a set of sharp knives- something I have never had my entire life!) Don't make fun of my freckles, I get them honest. We used to tease my Mom that if she sat in the sun long enough they would all run together. Seemed pretty funny at the time, but now... I know for a fact it doesn't work that way. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sarah N. said...

Orange you glad Daniel is so sweet?

The strippy quilt will be very cute. I am going to start working on Maddie's Paris quilt - hopefully will finish it in time for her birthday.

Trying to have a movie night with the little girls from church - but one little girl isn't allowed to watch much of anything. Her mother said only rated G stuff but then the daughter said she can't watch any of the rated G things that we have - so.... We are trying Horton hears a who - but I don't know how long this will last!
Why would you send your daughter to a movie night if she isn't allowed to watch anything?

Hope you had a nice date with your honey!

Love you!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, I gasped in adoration at that string quilt! I've been smitten with Kaleidoscope quilts recently, and yours is yet another temptation!!! Thanks for the photo!

Peni said...

Lovin the strips and trying to figure how you'd figure one was out of order....galloping horses show no stripes; or I haven't solved the order to begin with. I'm with you on rippin' out seams (Aunt Isobel must have gotten all my patience for that task). And her freckles haven't melded together yet either.

Love the pendant...very thoughtful!

Isobel said...

Love the strippy blocks. I am either the queen of ripping out seams or the worst seamstress ever.

No my freckles didn't meld together but my childhood freckles moved from my nose and cheeks to my knees and elbows...weird, huh?

Darcie said...

Aw...what a sweetheart for a son! That's pretty cool! like orange? lol (I know!)

Those strips are looking mighty fine! have a few batiks, do you? ;-) This is going to look very sparkly. A fun work-in-progress.

Love and hugs....

Mama Koch said...

I've been watching Elaine's Kaleido-quilts and now you're doing, maybe I'll join in too. They look easy enough.

Love the orange glass....I got steak knives for Christmas..and was tickled to get them!