Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jacob's Feast...
Last be certainly not least. This is Jacob and he is going on 17. Where does the time go? He was always my personable kid- giving a shout-out to strangers in the grocery aisle. Asking personal questions- usually with funny results. He is still talking to strangers and trying to introduce them to the Lord. He is convinced they'd be happier for it, not to mention saved eternally. If I pass by someone that he thinks I should have mentioned that too, he will give me a hard time about it. He just is very friendly and outgoing with a great sense of humor. Hopefully people take him that way. For a couple years now he has been my right hand man- as his older brothers have been occupied otherwise. He is a great help to me and his dad- handy doesn't begin to describe it.
His feast was held by candlelight. He had sawed off three sections of logs and carved snowflake designs into the top of them and then drilled holes out for the candles. They are really quite pretty and are still sitting on the dining room table. candles burned down to the nub. He had a pioneer theme- he is like his Grandfather and born 100 years, at least, too late. He loves the old days and how things used to be done. So... he recieved a dutch oven-and a companion cookbook for Christmas. Talk about one happy kid. He can't wait for more mild weather to try it over a fire. In keeping with the pioneer theme, he had jerky and fruit with cheese for an appetizer. His main course was Hunters' Venison Stew- which was fabulous!!! It took three days to make but was worth every minute! (He has since made chocolate cake and the most phenomenal biscuits- I had just a taste as I am off the white stuff- you know, sugar, flour, tators, pasta and rice.) He served garlic biscuits with his stew and then for dessert he had coffee cake, made in a big iron skillet. It is traditional for him to have Jones sodas- they are made with pure cane sugar and I hear they are quite tasty. The kids were certainly revved up afterwards. His gifts were old fashioned lollipops on wooden sticks. And that, my friends, wraps up the feast season at our house. It was fun and it was grand and I'm thinking we need more of that in the everyday. God bless.


Peni said...

I always wish the feast season could go on and on and on .... Jacob is such a treasure!

Darcie said...

I love Jacob's appreciation for the finer, simpler things in life. And he sounds like quite the chef to boot!

Thanks for sharing your Festival of Feasts, Nines!

Loads of hugs to you and yours!