Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Somebody loves me...
How's that Dean Martin song go? You're nobody 'til somebody loves you... Well, I guess somebody does 'cause I gots me some spicy red pepper chicken and rice. And an unsweet tea. Ahhhh.... Life is very good. Being snowed in isn't so bad when you are being catered to. Sorry Sarah, none left- I spread it out over three meals. All I can say was that it was Yummo! When you comin' up to get yourself some?
On the quilting front... well, I've been kinda slow. For me. There is a quilt on the quilting frame and I have every intention of quilting it... it just isn't calling to me, right now. Or maybe it's calling, but it doesn't have a whole lot to say. I go out and visit it and then shortly thereafter, leave the room. It's gonna take a while for us to get a real conversation going. John and Bekah have been quilting up a blue streak- have the top- sans borders- of their first joint quilt all done. A rail fence. In pink, blue, brown, and black. I kid you not. That John. I wonder if it is the limited selection of colors in the scrap bin or his own unique way of matching colors. I have, long ago, learned to keep my nose out of it. I need to take him and the girls fabric shopping. Maybe that would shed some light on that color blind kid.


Peni said...

Yumm-o indeed!

Sarah N. said...

Sure - rub it in! Man that looks good - even for breakfast!

I started a new baby quilt last night. It is the small block version of the BQ quilt. Maddie wants a big block version using the same fabrics. Maybe I can get it done in time for her birthday.

I would love to come for a visit and for several lunches but January isn't really the ideal time to visit Indiana! But I do miss you!

What does the quilt look like that isn't speaking to you right now?

Love you!

Isobel said...

My quilt spoke to me...it said, "Bind me!" and I did. Now my shoulder says, "OUCH!" I did the front on the machine and the back by hand...yep, that whole BIG OLD thing. Picture soon.